Revelator Coffee Company Has Arrived!

A new coffee shop has landed on the westside of Atlanta. Its name is Revelator Coffee Company. With the belief that a great coffee experience should not only include coffee, but also community, warm inviting spaces, skilled baristas, and every day luxury, they are sure to serve up some competition. A few weeks ago, they had their open house and treated guest to complimentary food and beverages from their menu.

As I entered the coffee shop, I was taken aback by how beautiful it was. It had a clean, organic, modern look that I just loved. I ordered a Honey Latte. I was then offered an Everything Bagel and Nutmeg Donut with Espresso Glaze, which was made fresh and delivered every day by Flora and Flora. And as an added bonus a Lavender Caramel from Foxpoint Farm. Yum! I couldn’t wait to sit down and enjoy my late morning treat.

After a very short wait for my latte, I was ready to dig in. The coffee was very good. Perfectly sweetened, not to overshadow the coffee itself. The Everything Bagel was everything. So so good! I saved some for later. The donut was amazing. The only thing wrong was it was so tiny. I wanted more! Lastly the Lavender Caramel as you can imagine was amazing!

Revelator Coffee Company is located at 691 14th Street Atlanta, GA 30318









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