So you want take your honey out to that one popular restaurant for an impressive night out. The problem is that everyone in the city has that same idea. Last minute reservations are a no go. Now you have settle on your second or even third choice.

Here comes Table 8 to save the day..or night. Table 8 is a last minute reservation service that allows you to secure prime time tables at popular restaurants. Reservations are free when restaurants have availability. However, if the restaurant is booked there will be a small fee. What’s really great about Table is that reservations can be made as late as a couple hours. Wow!

Booking reservations through Table 8 is very easy. Simply select restaurant, time, and number in your party and boom you’re a VIP! Reservations can be made online or mobile app. So easy!

Tonight, I made a reservation for 2 at Bistro Niko through the Table 8 app. It was really hard to choose, there are so many great restaurants listed. Booking was very simple as you can see from the screenshots of the app below.IMG_9094.JPG

With successful launches in San Francisco, Los Angeles, Washington, D.C., Miami, and Chicago, Table 8 is now in Atlanta, giving the city more access to its hottest and sought after restaurants. Those restaurants include:
Cooks & Soldiers
The Iberian Pig
Chops & Chops Lobster Bar
Bistro Niko
St. Cecilia
King + Duke
One Eared Stag
The Luminary

For more information visit

*This is a sponsored post.


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