Beauty and the Beast Hits Atlanta with Big Dose of Disney Magic 

If you’ve ever seen Disney’s Beauty and the Beast, you know how great the movie is. Seeing a live version of it is even better. Tonight was opening night for Beauty and the Beast at The Fabulous Fox Theatre.  

*Picture provided by Brave PR

 I was pretty excited about seeing the show and being able to see it with my daughter. It was her first show at the Fox Theatre and Beauty and the Beast a great introduction to this amazing theatre. The show was beautifully done in every aspect. The set was just magical! The costumes were perfect! The choreography was crazy!!! I enjoy bit of it. Bravo to the cast and crew for a stellar performance never to be forgotten.

Disney’s Beauty and the Beast, runs now through Febuary 7th. Go see the magic unfold for yourself! Tickets are still available! To purchase tickets visit today!


*Thanks for the media tickets Brave PR !


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