La Casona Colombian Restaurant | Hearty Breakfast Columbian Style

Quick Post!! 

Today, on the way to a luncheon, I stumbled upon a Columbian restaurant. Since it was early in the morning I wanted to grab something quick to eat for breakfast. I took up my trusty yelp app and found La Casona Colombian Restaurant. And I’m so happy that I did! Located in Doraville, GA, this restaurant is serving some seriously authentic food. 

When I walked through the doors I was greeted by Dianna. She sat me down and schooled me on the traditional Columbian breakfast. Basically breakfast is a big hearty meal. I took Dianna suggestions and got the breakfast special. It included eggs made with tomatoes and onions and rice and beans with arepa. I also ordered some sweet plantain and a mango smoothie. 

When order came, I was shocked at how large the portion was. It was a lot. But boy was it delicious. Those eggs were perfectly seasoned! Everything on my plate was good! I will be back to try some other thing on the menu very soon. Check the out the next time your in Doraville.

La Casona Colombian Restaurant

3820 Stewart Rd

Atlanta, GA 30340


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