Princi Italia | A Taste of Italy in Midtown Atlanta

  Last night I attended a menu tasting at Princi Italia  with my friends at the Atlanta Food Bloggers’ Society. Princi Italia is located in the heart of Midtown Atlanta. It would be my first visit there so I was very excited. I brought along my daughter, Sage, to share this culinary experience.

  Upon arriving we were warmly greeted by the staff and seated. I was a little early and had to wait for the rest of my party. This gave me time to check the place out. First of all its beautiful! I loved the high ceiling to floor windows, giving the restaurant a very open feel. Tucked in the back is a very dramatic wall filled with wine bottles. Wine connoisseurs rejoice, they have a very extensive wine list, sure to please. 

When everyone arrive we were formally introduced to Tara, Princi Itailia’s event coordinator. She told us a little history of the restaurant and proceeded to tell us what was first on the menu.

We were then presented with their Tomato & Basil Flatbread. It was delicious! It was very fresh tasting and a great start to this tour of Princi Italia. I have to also add that this in-house made flatbread was made in a wood-burning oven. Giving this flatbread an extra touch of awesome.

Then we were hit with three dishes. The first, Shrimp Amalfi. It had this very flavorful Parmesan  basil polenta with scampi sauce and was topped with some nicely seasoned shrimp. 

The second dish was Meatball al Forno. Beef and Chicken meatballs in tomato pesto sauce. Both the meatballs and sauce are made in house. And you could definitely tell. I only enjoyed the chicken as I am not a beef eater. The chicken meatball was great! 

The last plate of this round was the Tortellini Fonduta. This dish was made with tortellini covered in black truffle butter and Parmesan. So tasty!


 Just when we thought it couldn’t get any better, out came two scrumptious salads.  Both were equally as amazing.  The first was the Caprese, giving us a melody of fresh mozzarella, vine tomatoes, and fresh basil. The flavors played well together and the olive oil drizzle on the bottom gave it a extra nice touch.

The other salad was the Burrata. Burrata is fresh Italian cheese made with mozzarella and cream. So the outer shell was of the consistency of solid mozzarella while the inside is soft in texture. It was my first time having Burrata and I am now a fan. The salad also contained heirloom tomatoes, arugula, sea salt, and evoo.



 Then for the one two punch, four dishes emerged from the kitchen. The first, South Texas Wild Boar Gnocchi topped with shaved reggiano. We also had a very tasty Fettuccine di Mare, which had lump crab, shrimp, asparagus, and basil cream. What a great combination of ingredients to make this pasta dish very unique. 

  As I said before I’m not a pork eater, but when I saw the braised pork shank it kind of made me change my mind for about two seconds. It was beautiful and intimidating at the same time. This piece of meat was sitting atop Italian sausage risotto. The table agree that it was pretty amazing. 

 The last two dishes were my two personal favorites. There was the Grilled Scottish Salmond, paired with blood orange, fennel, basil sauce and Cauliflower gratin. Wow! The citrus notes of the blood orange with the salmon gave the dish a very pleasing flavor that I enjoyed. The cauliflower gratin was a nice unexpected side dish for this plate. 

Lastly the Grill Chicken Pizza which was perfectly paired with the toppings of caramelized onions, pears, goat cheese, and thyme. So good!! I just may go by there and pick one up this weekend. 


So at this point I’m stuffed, but there’s always room for dessert right?? Right!! So first up was the Lemon Curd Tart. And what was this lovely tart sitting pretty on? A pistachio crust! Game changer!! And under the crust an amazing raspberry sauce. I could eaten a whole tart! It was so good!

We also had their take on a tiramisu. And I’ll take their version any day of the week. It was made with layers of chocolate cake, mascarpone cream, dark rum, chocolate shavings, & leghorn sauce. This desert was so chocolaty and rich and delicate and delicious and delectable and … ok you get the point. You should go tommorow and get some. 


The whole meal was beautifully made and executed. I commend the Executive Chef for such an amazing menu. Make Prince Italia your next destination when your’re in Midtown Atlanta. 
Thank you Pribci Italia for the complementary meal and warm hospitality. 

*As always, when reviewing a restaurant all opinions are that of my own

Princi Italia

77 12th Street NE #6A

Atlanta, GA 30309



23 thoughts on “Princi Italia | A Taste of Italy in Midtown Atlanta

  1. Thank you so much for dining with on Thursday . We are so glad ypu had a wonderful walk through our menu and I hoe to see you and Sage here soon.

  2. All of the dishes look incredible, I think the pork shank is what I want to try most of all. I love that you take your daughter to such fantastic restaurants!

  3. Next time I have to remember to eat lunch before I revisit this blog! Lol! Everything looks amazing!

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