Lunch 03.12.16 {Chai Pani}

Today as I was walking through Decatur Square looking for something to eat, I suddenly realized that I had a gift card from Chai Pani. Yes! It was given to me as a volunteer perk for an event I helped out with in January. I have only had Chai Pani at events and festivals, but not at the actual restaurant so I thought I’d check it out today.

Chai Pani offers delicious Indian street food cuisine. The menu is amazing! So many delicious decisions to make. I went with the Parsi Chicken Burgers – Joyce Farms ground chicken seasoned with cumin, ginger, chilies, mint & cilantro. Topped with tomato chutney, sweet yogurt, and served on toasted buns. I also ordered masala fries because the of the way they were described to me. I was also suggested the okra fries which I am definitely going back for. 

I took a seat on the patio because it was such a beautiful day and waited for my food to arrive. And when it did, it looked so good. My turkey burgers came out first.


I was trying not to eat it until my fries came so I could take a picture of them together. It was so hard! So I took a pinch of the burger and was totally blown away! Yum! So much flavor! This turkey burger is probably ranked in my Top 5 Most Delicious Turkey Burger I’ve ever had. Once my fries came, the photos were taken, and I dug in! Mmmmmm


I mean that first bite was heaven. All those spices in the burger were not playing any games. They were bold and in your face! Then the sweet yogurt and the toasted sweet bun mellowed the situation out. The masala fries were a great compliment to the burgers. They too were outstanding. It’s safe to say I had a wonderful lunch and that Chai Pan will be seeing me again very soon.

Chai Pani

406 W Ponce de Leon Ave

Decatur, GA 30030

(404) 378-4030


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