Gyro Pizza | Stone Mountain’s Hidden Gem

Today, I traveled to Stone Mountain to meet some friends at Gyro Pizza for lunch. The restaurant is currently in the middle of some revamping. But judging from the food, they are definitely going in the right direction. I ordered a couple Veggie Samoas to start with. They were very good! I could have eaten about 5 more! 

I also ordered a Gyro Chicken & Mushroom Calzone. I loved it! The crust was beautifuly prepare. It was garlicky , buttery and well seasoned. And just look at it!! So sexy! I didn’t even want to cut it! Bravo Chef Imani! I look forward to trying more menus items in the near future!

Gyro Chicken & Mushroom Calzone


Veggie Samoa
Pizza Turnover
Cheese Pizza
Gyro Pizza

6200 Memorial Dr

Stone Mountain, GA 



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