Instagram Best Nine 2016

Another year is once again fastly upon us. 2016 went extra fast! Instagram has been good to me in my blogging ventures. I requested my best nine post from and here they are!

1.  Atlanta Ramen Fest – Ramen on the Half Shell @VenkmansATL

2.  Atlanta Ramen Fest @no246atlanta 

3.  Awesome day at the apple orchard with my parents! 

4.  @VitalityBowls Superfood Cafe is now open in Midtown.

5.  “Some days you just have to create your own sunshine.”

6.  Pastry Live 2016 – Banana Ice Cream Dipped in Chocolate Topped with Vanilla Macaroon.

7.  Starting with a few cocktails is always a good idea! @tupelohoneycafe 

8.  Best.Caipirinah.Ever @FogoRestaurants 

9.  #NationalBrownieDay


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