How to Plan the Perfect Pool Party

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The hot summer months are coming up and trust me, if you are not familiar with Atlanta weather, just know that it gets hotter than hot and everyone just wants to hang out in pools. Each summer, I always plan to attend a few pool parties to keep up with friends and family, have fun, and stay cool. Over the years, I have always wanted to plan a pool party of my very own! This year will be the year! I wrote this post to show you how I will be preparing to have a successful pool party. It takes a lot of time and effort but in the end your guest will have a grand time.

Invitation List

First thing is first – you need to create an invitation list and you need to think long and hard about this list. The people you invite to any get together or party will make or break your event, so always think carefully about who you invite, before you invite them. Is it a family event? Are kids invited? Does everyone get along? These are just a couple of the questions you should ask yourself before creating the invitation list.

Chicago Tribune says, “For large events like weddings, some planners recommend using “A” and “B” lists. Send invitations six to eight weeks ahead to your A list, explained Jodi R.R. Smith, author of “The Etiquette Book: A Complete Guide to Modern Manners” (Sterling). As regrets roll in, send invites to your B list four to six weeks ahead.

But others warn this system can cause resentment when any guests learn of their B-list status. Instead, consider “save-the-date” cards to whittle out-of-towners from your list. “Before they get the invitations, they’ll tell you if none of them is coming or if they’re making it a big reunion,” said Danielle Couick, a Columbia, Md., event planner and spokeswoman for the National Association for Catering and Events.”

Although a pool party is typically a smaller event, you can still use this mindset and use people from list B when people from list A send in regrets.

Food and Drinks

Food and drinks might even be more important than your guest list. Once again, it has the potential to make or break a party. For a pool party specifically, food and drinks are very important to make sure your guests are well fueled, in order to avoid potentially bad situations. So, always make sure to provide some type of food and drink and plan your menu accordingly. You want healthy snacks, maybe a few unhealthy (but tasty) treats, plenty of water, and something with electrolytes, as well. Watermelon is a great snack option because it not only tastes good and helps fill people up, but it also helps hydrate people, which is very beneficial during the hot summer months.

A Clean Pool

Talk about making or breaking a party! A clean pool is essential and more important than anything else. If you are looking for a trustworthy pool service to clean up your pool for a party, or more importantly, for the pool season, I always recommend Triton Pool Service. Triton Pool Service leads by example — they aim to set the bar for quality pool service and outstanding customer service. All of their service techs show up to your home in uniform, ready to take care of your pool maintenance, and all of their techs are factory trained, nationally certified, and fully insured, so you (and they) are fully protected. Triton Pool Service has serviced over 1,000 pools, has repaired over 500 pools, has replaced over 100 pumps, and has over 250 happy clients. They are officially the most trusted pool cleaning and pool repair company in Georgia!

According to the website, Andrew (Andy) May is the owner and operator of Triton Pool Service “Andrew has lived in Georgia his whole life, growing up in the Atlanta area and living in Hall county for over 10 years. He now lives in Braselton with his wife and two young daughters. In addition to being a husband and father, Andrew spends as much time outdoors as he can (which is great considering his choice in profession). He also spends time at race tracks across the south and is a high performance driving instructor for various tracks and organizations. Anticipating providing pool leak detection, in 2015 Andy received his Open Water Dive Certification with PADI. In 2019, he went a step further, receiving his Advanced Open Water Certification. Andy has been diving all over the world, including Thailand, Belize and Hawaii, and is ready to dive your pool to find that leak.”

Triton Pool Service provides services such as pool maintenance, pool repair, pool equipment installation, pool leak detection, pool opening and closings, salt water conversions, and more. A swimming pool is a huge investment and protecting yours is essential. Typical services from Triton Pool Service include, but are not limited to skimming, vacuuming any debris, brushing, emptying skimmer and pump baskets, chemically testing and balancing the water, backwashing sand filters as needed or cleaning cartridge filters as need. These services are essential, in order to lower your chances of encountering a major issue with your pool!

So, for your next pool party, or whenever you need pool services and pool management done to your pool, consider calling Andy at Triton Pool Services! They service cities such as Gainesville, Braselton, Hoschton, Oakwood, Flowery Branch, Buford, Suwanee, Sugar Hill, and more.

Music and Decorations

Music is essential and a few decorations here and there never hurt anyone. Choose your music based on your crowd and based on the time of the day. I always recommend making a playlist before the big day so that you do not have to worry about it on the day of. Also, having a waterproof speaker is amazing because you can take it in or around the pool without having to worry about it! For decorations, a little goes a long way. I always say that pool floats are good useful decorations, but whatever floats your boat (pun definitely intended).


Last but not least, you need an area or areas where your guests can relax. Like I mentioned, adding pool floats is a great way to add decoration and it can double as a great way for guests to relax, as well. In addition, always make sure to have enough chairs so that people do not have to stand or stay in the pool the entire time.

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