Where to Get the Impossible Burger in Toledo, Ohio

If you ever had the pleasure of experiencing the Impossible Burger even once, you will be constantly wanting it again. When it first released, there were very few restaurants that served it. Now they’re popping up on menus more and more. So what so special about the Impossible Burger? Well, it’s a plant-based burger that looks, tastes and smells like your beloved hamburger. It even has the protein count of a meat burger. It’s really amazing how good and similar in taste it is. Quite impossible indeed. I’ve had this amazing burger in Atlanta many of times, so I was very excited to see some Toledo restaurants appear on the location map on the Impossible Foods website. There’s only a couple, but at least there are. Today I started National Vegan Month at Fowl & Fodder and had their Impossible Burger. Dressed in guacamole & tomato jam, it was quite a treat. I would definitely return for it again. If you’re in or near Toledo, you should definitely check the Impossible Burger of at one of the below locations.

Fowl & Fodder

614 Adams St

Toledo, OH 43604

Brunch in the City: Brim House

Yesterday I had an amazing time with my daughter. We started our day at the Renaissance for a Succulent Workshop. I’ve been seeing these cute little plants everywhere and thought this would be a fun class for us to take. Upon arrival, we were greeted and guided through our succulent class.

We first chose a container for it, then a succulent. It was hard to choose a succulent because they were all so cute! After much deliberation, Sage and both chose what was called hens and chicks. We then filled our containers with the soil provided and then add the succulents.

Not only are succulents the cutest addition to any room, it is also very easy to care for. Just water and water again when the soil dries out. So easy and just look how cute it is!

After our succulent workshop, we headed over to Brim House to check out their new brunch menu. Y’all know I’m a super fan of Brim House! My daughter had been dying to eat here, so I decided today was a good day to do so. She thought Brim House was quite fancy. And it definitely is! I was pretty excited about this brunch menu. I already knew it was going to be amazing.

It was pretty hard to choose, everything on the menu sounded so delicious! I finally decided on the Seafood Scramble. Sage ordered the Chicken and Sweet Corn Waffles. Let me just tell you, we ate every single morsel on these plates. I couldn’t get over how delicious both dishes were. I mean CHEF AARON LAWSON must be in the kitchen just sprinkling magic dust all over the place. Because those Sweet Corn Waffles were quite magical.

That Seafood Scramble was perfectly seasoned. Magical. Brunch was a delicious success. Even more successful than I had expected. I will return to experience the rest of the brunch menu and to partake in their bottomless mimosa and bar when I don’t have the Mini Me with me.

Brunch at Brim House can be enjoyed Saturday and Sunday 11am-5pm.

Brim House

444 N Summit St

Toledo, OH 43604

Cocktail Chronicles: Happy Hour at The Heights

So I’m scrolling through my Facebook feed this afternoon and what do I stumble upon? The good people at The Heights mixing up something amazing. Apparently today is International Whiskey Day. Gasp! How did I miss this very important day? To make this potential run even more tempting, Happy Hour was starting in about 15 minutes and this drink, I was watching them make on Facebook Live, was on menu. I didn’t ponder too much longer, minutes later I was in the car headed to downtown Toledo.

Before I knew it, I was on the 12th floor of the Renaissance Hotel, enjoying my whiskey cocktail. I went with the featured cocktail, the Whiskey Renaissance. This cocktail was simple, but amazing! It was made with one of my favorite whiskeys, Bulleit Rye Whiskey. Added to the glass, was a bourbon-barrel aged orange liqueur from a local distillery, The Toledo Spirits Company. Next a bit of lemon and simple syrup. Then, my favorite part, the cocktail was topped with Malbec.

Visually, the cocktail was beautiful. That wine just hanging out at the top to the glass made it very sexy. My first, second, third, and every sip after that were just as amazing as the next. I will definitely be back for this cocktail again, as I sit back and enjoy the city views. What whiskey cocktail were you sipping on today?

The Heights is located in the Renaissance Hotel in downtown Toledo, Ohio. Be sure to take advantage of their Happy Hour specials daily from 4-7pm.

Toledo Eats: Schmucker’s Restaurant

The other day was National Pi Day and I was busy plotting a day of sweet and savory pie. Upon research, I found Schmucker’s Restaurant. I ask my Dad, who’s been living in Toledo all his life, if he’s been there. And of course he has! He goes on to tell me that he has had many of great meals there. I told him it was National Pi Day and ask what he thought about the pies. He nods and says, “Yes, their pies are great!” He also tells me that the pies were homemade right there in the restaurant. Cool! His favorite is the Coconut Cream Pie. Noted….

So I go on with my day and just so happen to be down the street from Schucker’s. I decided to go pick up a slice of pie for my awesome dad and one for myself. I pull up to the cutest retro diner. I walk in and it has a very retro feel inside as well. So cute! It’s pretty crowded, but people don’t seem to mind. There were a few tables in the middle of the diner and some booths along one wall. On the other side was seating at a long lunch counter. Behind the counter was the cooking area and the PIE! Above the pie was a crazy list of pies that were available. Over 20 pies! The take-out line was pretty long, so I had time to decide which one I wanted. This place was busy! I noticed several boxes of whole pies being ordered and walking out of the door. The line never let up. People definitely love this place and certainly feel that the food is worth the wait. I couldn’t wait to experience what everyone apparently already knows.

I ordered a slice of Coconut Cream Pie for my Dad and Key Lime Pie for myself. When I got home, I presented to pie to my Dad. I got a huge smile and a hug! I took my Key Lime Pie out and took a bite. Mmmmmmmm. I should have bought a whole pie!!! So what I loved about the pie was that it wasn’t overwhelming sweet, the Key Lime flavor was there, and the crust was tasty. I loved this whole pie situation! Later that day I tasted my dad’s Coconut Pie and it too was delicious.

I will definitely be returning to Schmucker’s to try the rest of the pies. Next time I’ll sit and have a meal.

Toledo Eats: Grumpy’s

I love when I take out my trusty Yelp App and ask for help, and it leads me to an awesome establishment. Today was that day. I typed in healthy food nearby and Grumpy’s pops up! A place that was actually on my radar, but sadly hadn’t made the effort to get there. Today I made the effort. With my mother and daughter also in tow, we traveled only 1 mile to our lunch destination. We got there just in time to take advantage of the free afternoon parking. Yes! Once inside I quickly discovered that this was thee lunch spot. It was very busy. For a minute I thought we would have to wait, but seconds later we were taken to our table. The menu has a little bit of everything. There were tons of options for the health conscious such as gluten-free, meat alternatives, and plant-based menu items.

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It’s a beautiful day in Downtown Toledo🌞

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I order the Homemade Sweet Potato Vegan Burger that came on a whole wheat bun with Avocado, Red Onion & Dijon mustard. Yummmmm! It came with a side of delicious Kale Chips! My mother had the Ivan’s Veggie Burger. It was noted that it was the best veggie burger in Toledo. We both agreed that may be true. That veggie bread it was on was amazing! I wanted a loaf to take home! My daughter ordered the Tony’s Turkey Burger, which also had Avocado, Red Onion & Dijon mustard on it. She ate every single morsel! We all agreed that we must return very soon. Grumpy’s on the Go is located in the heart of Downtown Toledo. Check their website for their food truck locations and hours.

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Lunch this afternoon was pretty great! My first time at @GrumpysOnTheGo and I’m already plotting my next visit.🤔 Today I had their Homemade Sweet Potato Vegan Burger. Yum! It came with a side of Kale Chips! 🙌🏾 My mother had the Ivan’s Veggie Burger. It was noted that it was the best veggie burger in Toledo. We both agreed that may be true. 😋 My daughter had the Tony’s Turkey Burger. She ate every single morsel. Lunch was a major success today! Thanks Grumpy’s! #shanawashere #grumpystoledo #downtowntoledo #tasteoftoledo #yelptoledo #toledofoodie #toledoeats #veganeats #veganfoodshare #healthyeating #lunchtoday #nomnomvegan #toledome #inthe419 #foodshare #essenceeats #feedfeedvegan

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Claro Coffee Serving Up Next Level Pumpkin Spice Lattes This Week Only

It’s still Pumpkin Spice Season and I’m a pumpkin spice everything type of gal. Who cares what Martha Stewart says, pumpkin spice is life! Since the beginning of the season, I’ve had my share of amazing pumpkin spice lattes, but nothing like the one today. Yesterday, as I scrolled through my Instagram feed, I came across a post from one of my favorite coffee shops in Toledo, Claro Coffee. They were featuring the Ultimate Pumpkin Spice Latte, this week only!! Not only is it adorned with all kinds of deliciousness, it’s also served in a PUMPKIN!!!

So you know I had to come and experience it for myself. At a whopping $8.00 it was totally worth every sip! Everything was made in house, from the pumpkin syrup to the whipped cream. It was quite awesome. If you’re in the Toledo area this week, come get one!!

Toledo Spotlight: Toledo Spirits Company

When I returned to my hometown, Toledo, Ohio, I was in search for new story features for my blog. But to my delight, Toledo was not the same city I left back in the early nineties. Toledo was on the rise with some notable craft beer breweries, restaurants, coffee shops and many establishments to come. One of the first places I visited was Toledo Spirits Company, Toledo’s first craft distillery. Located on N. Summit St. near downtown Toledo, Toledo Spirits Company is pouring up some unique spirits you definitely want in your personal bar arsenal.

Yesterday, I found head distiller, Lucas, informing guests of The Nine at Hensville about their awesomess. You can tell just how passionate and educated he is about his craft in his conversation. Even though there is a definite science and technicality to making these amazing spirits, Lukas makes it sound very simple.

Toledo Spirits Company Orange Tiger Orange Tiger Liqueur cocktail at Nine Hensville
Knowing today was #NationalLiqueurDay, I wanted to feature a cocktail using their Orange Tiger Liqueur. I was suggested The Eye of the Tiger, a play on an Old Fashioned. Being that Orange Tiger is a bourbon-barrel aged orange liqueur, it married perfectly with other components of the cocktail. Its bold citrus profile elevated the cocktail to another level. It was very tasty! Definitely a cocktail I would order again.

Today I stopped by the distillery to speak with Head Distiller, Lukas , and Sales Manager, Jeff, a little more about Toledo Spirits Company. To set the tone, Lukas mixed up a delicious beer cocktail using their Orange Tiger Orange Liqueur and an Ohio Beer, Rhinegeist Vienna Style Lager. It’s a combination that when you first hear it, doesn’t makes sense. But when you take that first sip, your life is changed. It’s so good!

Toledo Spirits Company Orange Tiger Orange Liqueur
Toledo Spirits Company definitly has something special in Orange Tiger. From pressing pound after pound of orange peels by hand to the perfecting the final product they certainly have something to be proud of. You can taste it for yourself, along with their Whiskey Fox Trot, Heart of Glass Strawberry Vodka, and Maumee Moonshine, in their tasting on Saturdays 10am-2pm. Stay tuned for more spirits currently in development!

The Toledo Spirits Company

1301 North Summit

Toledo, OH 43604

Instagram @toledospirits

Facebook @ToledoSpirits