Toledo Spotlight: Toledo Spirits Company

When I returned to my hometown, Toledo, Ohio, I was in search for new story features for my blog. But to my delight, Toledo was not the same city I left back in the early nineties. Toledo was on the rise with some notable craft beer breweries, restaurants, coffee shops and many establishments to come. … Continue reading Toledo Spotlight: Toledo Spirits Company


Super Saturday: Brunch + Yoga + Farmers Market + Visit with Grammy + Justice  

Today was very exciting and productive day I must say. I was able to do everything I sought out to do! That's pretty rare. There is usually something I want to do and just can't find the time to do. But not today! 9:00 AM BRUNCH at Bleak House! You may recognize this establishment from … Continue reading Super Saturday: Brunch + Yoga + Farmers Market + Visit with Grammy + Justice  

6 Coffee Shops to Visit in Toledo, Ohio

This summer, I decided to visit my parents in my hometown of Toledo, Ohio. As a food blogger, I'm always in search of the best places to eat and drink. When I left Toledo, there wasn't much of a culinary scene at all. Like nothing. The plus side of that is that my family ate … Continue reading 6 Coffee Shops to Visit in Toledo, Ohio

Toledo Eats: Brim House 

Downtown Toledo has a new dining destination that will definitely be the place to #SeeAndBeSeen.  On August 2nd, Brim House opened its doors as part of a partnership between restaurant group, Concentrics Restaurants, and hospitality group, First Hospitality Group. Brim House is the first of two destination restaurants to open in the newly renovated Renaissance Hotel in downtown Toledo, Ohio.  Led by Toledo native, Executive Chef … Continue reading Toledo Eats: Brim House 

Toledo Eats: Holey Toledough

I was first drawn to this local Toledo doughnut food truck by how clever their name was! Holey Toledough! Love it! Upon researching through social media, it was clear that they had the doughnut game in Toledo on lock! People are literally stalking this food truck! If you're not at this truck when they open, … Continue reading Toledo Eats: Holey Toledough