Yelp Live Atlanta!

A few weekends ago, Atlanta Yelpers gathered at The Tabernacle for a party like no other. Only a few were officially invited to the grand occasion. Some friends of mine and myself made the cut! I was so excited!

The event started promptly at 7:00. As the doors open, the anticipation grew. At the top of the front step was a table were you could donate to The Atlanta Foundation for Public Spaces and Georgia Lawyers for the Arts. Of course I did my part and donated. Upon doing so I was given a ticket and was led to a room. This room was filled with all kinds of yelp swag! You were given a reusable Yelp bag and let the bag filling begin! There was sunglasses, buttons, shot glasses, coozies, flasks, wrist bands, and mints to name a few.



So the event was off the a great start. The main room of The Tabernacle was set up like a beer tasting. We grabbed a couple cups then went to find the food. Downstairs was where the food and other beverages were. Everything that I tasted was delicious!






FYI : You may want to do yourself a favor and go find the above companies! You will not be disappointed.

Upstairs at the event was set up more like a spa. You could get your nails and eyebrows done. Or maybe a massage and some color in your hair. There was also a lounge area set up to relax while you nails dried. How nice!

After making our rounds a couple times, we ended up back in the main room where we enjoyed the live music and a beer. It was a very nice event. Tons of sponsors!Tons of freebies!Tons of fun! Good Job Yelp!






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