Summer Cocktails-Mulberry Marjoram Mule 

Today is one of my favorite National Days, it's National Bourbon Day! I just love Bourbon. Give me a perfectly executed Old Fashioned and I'm a happy girl. Another tasty cocktail that I really enjoy is a Kentucky Mule. I've had many variations of a mule, but nothing quite like the one I made today. … Continue reading Summer Cocktails-Mulberry Marjoram Mule 

Shrimp with Tiger Sauce-Home Chef Review

Today's post is brought to by another incredible meal from Home Chef. Yes! Last month I raved about this service when I made Baja Fish Tacos. This time I made Shrimp with Tiger Sauce and Charred Sugar Snap Peas.  Did you know.... "The original tiger sauce is a piquant blend of more than 20 ingredients … Continue reading Shrimp with Tiger Sauce-Home Chef Review

Let’s Get Loco with  Captain Morgan #LocoNut – Coconut Inspired Summer Cocktails 

Summer is upon us! That means patio parties, pool gatherings, and beach situations! We've waited for this much beloved season for months now it's time to celebrate? Captain Morgan is here to help us bring in the summer days with their new LocoNut.  Captain Morgan LocoNut is a summer-inspired shot that blends Caribbean rum and … Continue reading Let’s Get Loco with  Captain Morgan #LocoNut – Coconut Inspired Summer Cocktails 

Home Chef Review

I love to cook! But sometimes I just don't have time to get to the grocery store and get what I need. Sometimes, I run out of ideas. Sometimes, I've been on Pinterest and have all the ideas in the world, but getting all the ingredients can get a little expensive. Enter in Home Chef … Continue reading Home Chef Review


So it's day 2 of my Vegan eating journey, and I haven't miss any of my everyday favorite foods. Like cheese to be exact. Not really missing meat either. It's actually going really well. Today, I started the day with a bowl of Bob's Red Mill Old Fashioned Rolled Oats. I added some fresh strawberries and … Continue reading VEGAN FOR A WEEK DAY 2


I'm going VEGAN!!!....for a week. My love for cheese is holding me back from completely changing my eating lifestyle, but I want to challenge myself nonetheless. What inspired me to go vegan for a week? Well, my 9 year old daughter was really excited about this movie she had watched on Netflix called Vegucated. She … Continue reading VEGAN FOR A WEEK DAY 1

Toledo Explore May 6, 2017

Today, I stumbled upon some pretty amazing murals here in Toledo. Along the way I also admired a few 100 year old buildings that were still beautiful despite their empty state. I'm loving the art scene here! Click the photo below to see the pics!