Toledo Eats: Schmucker’s Restaurant

The other day was National Pi Day and I was busy plotting a day of sweet and savory pie. Upon research, I found Schmucker’s Restaurant. I ask my Dad, who’s been living in Toledo all his life, if he’s been there. And of course he has! He goes on to tell me that he has … Continue reading Toledo Eats: Schmucker’s Restaurant



It's National Pi Day! Today, March 14th, pi enthusiasts and pie lovers alike, celebrate the mathematical constant π, also known as Pi. It's most recognized by the first three digits, 3.14. Whether you are a fan of savory or sweet pie, I have the best Pi Day specials around Atlanta for your viewing pleasure. If … Continue reading 3.14 THE BEST PI DAY SPECIALS AROUND ATLANTA 2018

Quick Lunch: Vegan Tacos

You ever just don't feel like cooking but you are so hungry you really don't have a choice because nobody's going to cook for you because let's just be honest, you're grown. Here I go adulting again. Well I've been on a semi vegan, gluten-free, dairy-free diet. Trying to get this body bikini ready! It's … Continue reading Quick Lunch: Vegan Tacos

Toledo Eats: Grumpy’s

I love when I take out my trusty Yelp App and ask for help, and it leads me to an awesome establishment. Today was that day. I typed in healthy food nearby and Grumpy's pops up! A place that was actually on my radar, but sadly hadn't made the effort to get there. Today I … Continue reading Toledo Eats: Grumpy’s

Chadwick + Latte

I've escaped from Mommyland for a few hours. Yessss. I'm currently enjoying a very well made Almond Milk Latte and reading the latest issue of Essence Magazine. Chadwick Boseman is gracing the cover as he should be. Black Panther was a major success and I can't even begin to express how proud I am of … Continue reading Chadwick + Latte

5 Rust Belt Cities to Explore

The Rust Belt region of the United States is mainly comprised of the states within the Great Lakes and the Midwest. It was once the industrial heartland of the entire country. Today these cities are regaining their economic status and becoming vacation destinations for many across the US and beyond. DEFINITION of 'Rust Belt' "Rust … Continue reading 5 Rust Belt Cities to Explore