Meat Up Mondays at Brim House | Toledo, Ohio | Shana Was Here

Every now and then I get a craving for an amazing burger. A couple weeks ago, I was scrolling through Instagram and caught a IG Story from Brim House advertising their "Meat Up Mondays" special. From 4 pm-6 pm, diners get the Brim Burger and Truffle Fries for only $10! Nice! Also on the special … Continue reading Meat Up Mondays at Brim House | Toledo, Ohio | Shana Was Here

Where to Get the Impossible Burger in Toledo, Ohio

If you ever had the pleasure of experiencing the Impossible Burger even once, you will be constantly wanting it again. When it first released, there were very few restaurants that served it. Now they're popping up on menus more and more. So what so special about the Impossible Burger? Well, it's a plant-based burger that … Continue reading Where to Get the Impossible Burger in Toledo, Ohio

Brunch in the City: Brim House

Yesterday I had an amazing time with my daughter. We started our day at the Renaissance for a Succulent Workshop. I've been seeing these cute little plants everywhere and thought this would be a fun class for us to take. Upon arrival, we were greeted and guided through our succulent class. We first chose a … Continue reading Brunch in the City: Brim House

Toledo Eats: Schmucker’s Restaurant

The other day was National Pi Day and I was busy plotting a day of sweet and savory pie. Upon research, I found Schmucker’s Restaurant. I ask my Dad, who’s been living in Toledo all his life, if he’s been there. And of course he has! He goes on to tell me that he has … Continue reading Toledo Eats: Schmucker’s Restaurant

Toledo Eats: Grumpy’s

I love when I take out my trusty Yelp App and ask for help, and it leads me to an awesome establishment. Today was that day. I typed in healthy food nearby and Grumpy's pops up! A place that was actually on my radar, but sadly hadn't made the effort to get there. Today I … Continue reading Toledo Eats: Grumpy’s