Pastry Live 2015 VIP Pre-Launch Party

Today, I’m going to start my post with my 7 year old daughter’s personal recap of the event.  She had a great time and wanted to also write a blog piece.  I told her that she could be a guest blogger. Her eyes lit up and immediately began to write. (Smile)



Today me and my mommy went to the Pastry Live VIP Party! There were lots of little yummy bites of chocolate and squid!  The best sweet I had was the panna cotta with the almond biscotti!  The party was at di Amano Chocolate.  They have a lot of chocolate!  They even have chocolate in the shape of sports balls and shoes!  The owner Ms. Faye was really cool and pretty. By the way,  the spinach dip was really good!

There was a lot of bloggers there like my mommy. Like Linda, Milla, Oh Nikka, Kiwi the Beauty, and the Classy Critic!  Oh Nikka had some really pretty shoes on! Everyone was really nice.

Did you know that white chocolate is not chocolate?!? Nope! Chef Paul said that it doesn’t have cocoa in it so its not really chocolate.  White chocolate is made of cocoa butter, milk solids, sugar, and milk fat. Wow!

I had a really great time! Bye for now!!

-Sage Age 7




It’s that time again!!! Pastry Live 2015 starts this Sunday! Pastry Live is a 3 day culinary event with the focus on the art of pastry and chocolate.  Last night, to kick off this grand event, The Classy Critic, Pastry Live, and di Amano Chocolate, hosted a very special VIP Pre-launch Party. The event was held at di Amano Chocolate in Atlanta. VIPs got a sneak peek of Pastry Live with wine and small bites from Pricci, City Club of Buckhead, and Seed Kitchen and Bar.

It was great seeing local bloggers there supporting the event. We had great time eating and networking! There were giveaways too! After a few trivia questions some guest left with tickets to Pastry Live, Pastry Live Tshirts, and a bottle of wine. I won a bottle of wine! Yay! It was fantastic  night!

Pastry Live takes place August 23-25, 2015 in downtown Atlanta. Visit for more information. See you there!

Chef Paul Bodriga  (Founder and Event Producer of Pastry Live) Faye  Jonah(Owner at di Amano )

Bloggers ( Breaking Bread XO, Cupcakes and Sunshine, OhNikka, Kiwi the Beauty, The Classy Critic, Jehan Can Cook, Happily Eating, Shana Was Here)





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