Summer Break Adventures 7.14.15

Today was quite the adventure for Sage and I! We were literally all around Atlanta. And most of the time were on our bikes! We started the day at the Lenox Mall, where Sage was completing summer camp at the Microsoft Store. She learned how to code and make a fun game. She loved the camp and coding. I’ll have to make sure to keep this excitment up. 


Next we got a ride to Midtown Atlanta to start our adventure. We wanted to go to a coffee shop to do some writing. We decided on Java Vino. Not really sure why but we had a destination! Our route went through midtown, past Piedmont Park and finally to the Atlanta Beltline. We stopped several times before getting to the coffee shop. It was really hot plus we took our time to enjoy the art.





We made it!  I was so happy to see this sign! Time to rest up and catch up on some writing. But first, a tall glass of ice cold water. Yessss. That had to be the most refreshing glass of water ever. Maybe that’s taking it a little far but it was today! Finally I got up and orders a honey latte. Sage got an ice tea. It look so good that I got one too. So we sat and completed a few blog posts and rested a bit. Soon we were on our way.


 I found out there was a bus not far from where we were, going towards where we live. We got on our bikes and headed there. We waited for about ten minutes only to not be able to get on the bus. The bike racks were full on the bus. Boo0. Instead of waiting for the next bus, we decided to just ride our bikes. It was only a 20 minute ride….

Along the way we came across some really cool art. We sat and admired it for awhile. Our next rest stop was at The Flying Biscuit. When I was pregnant with Sage, I was at this restaurant like twice a week. Sage went in to use the restroom and to get some water. When she came back out, she told me the chef said for her to bring back her report card. If she had good grades, he said he would give her a cookie of her choice. I told her I had it on my phone. When your daughter gets straight A’s the entire school year, you keep it with to show other how awesome she is! So she takes her report card back in and comes back with a gigantic oatmeal raisin cookies. She let me have a bite and it was delicious! Yes. I took another bite. Now on to our destination!




We were really losing steam and finally made it to a train station and decided to get on it. So tired! We were totally exhausted but we had a lot of fun! 



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