Red Phone Booth: Downtown Atlanta’s Newest Speakeasy Experience 

You receive a telephone number to use at 17 Andrew Young International Boulavard. You arrive at the address. There’s a red phone booth. You look around. This must be it. You enter the booth and pull out the phone number you were given. XXX-XXX-XXXX. And just like in those old spy movies, a hidden door opens. You now step into a speakeasy situation. You have entered the Red Phone Booth.

After the closure of Prohibition, its owners are now introducing downtown Atlanta to the newest hot destination. The speakeasy themed establishment features ” restored original brick floors, a honey onyx bar, intimate fireplace, custom Italian leather couches, hand-painted ceiling with back lighting.” It is sure to be a favorite destination Atlantans and visitors alike.

Photo Credit: Red Phone Booth
Photo Credit: Red Phone Booth

In addition to its beautiful atmosphere, you can also enjoy some of Atlanta’s best crafted cocktails. I had the opportunity to experience a couple of these amazing cocktails last night. I totally recommend the Whiskey Sour. It was beautifully made by expert bartender, Bob. Go see him! With 100% fresh squeezed juices, the rarest liquors, and a heavy arsenal of accompanying ingredients, you are set to sip on libations like no other.

Whiskey Sour



Red Phone Booth will also offer small plates with a variety of items to nosh on. The Caprese Salad is delicious!  In early September you can also enjoy an authentic Italian menu with the opening of Amalfi Pizza. The restaurant features two, 6000 pound wood-burning brick ovens imported from Italy. Amazingly, with temperatures up to 900 degrees, pizza will bake in these ovens in 60 seconds. Wow!!

If you’re looking to rent a portion of the Red Phone Booth for a private event, consider their “mob-style” kitchen. It comes equipped with poker and pool tables for all of your entertaining needs. Just off of the space is the humidor, which is stocked with finest hand rolled cigars. Cigar aficionados be sure to take a gander.

Red Phone Booth opens to the public tonight. Do you have the secret number?


Red Phone Booth

17 Andrew Young International Blvd NE, Ste 100

Atlanta, Georgia 30303


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