Toledo Spotlight: Toledo Spirits Company

When I returned to my hometown, Toledo, Ohio, I was in search for new story features for my blog. But to my delight, Toledo was not the same city I left back in the early nineties. Toledo was on the rise with some notable craft beer breweries, restaurants, coffee shops and many establishments to come. One of the first places I visited was Toledo Spirits Company, Toledo’s first craft distillery. Located on N. Summit St. near downtown Toledo, Toledo Spirits Company is pouring up some unique spirits you definitely want in your personal bar arsenal.

Yesterday, I found head distiller, Lucas, informing guests of The Nine at Hensville about their awesomess. You can tell just how passionate and educated he is about his craft in his conversation. Even though there is a definite science and technicality to making these amazing spirits, Lukas makes it sound very simple.

Toledo Spirits Company Orange Tiger Orange Tiger Liqueur cocktail at Nine Hensville
Knowing today was #NationalLiqueurDay, I wanted to feature a cocktail using their Orange Tiger Liqueur. I was suggested The Eye of the Tiger, a play on an Old Fashioned. Being that Orange Tiger is a bourbon-barrel aged orange liqueur, it married perfectly with other components of the cocktail. Its bold citrus profile elevated the cocktail to another level. It was very tasty! Definitely a cocktail I would order again.

Today I stopped by the distillery to speak with Head Distiller, Lukas , and Sales Manager, Jeff, a little more about Toledo Spirits Company. To set the tone, Lukas mixed up a delicious beer cocktail using their Orange Tiger Orange Liqueur and an Ohio Beer, Rhinegeist Vienna Style Lager. It’s a combination that when you first hear it, doesn’t makes sense. But when you take that first sip, your life is changed. It’s so good!

Toledo Spirits Company Orange Tiger Orange Liqueur
Toledo Spirits Company definitly has something special in Orange Tiger. From pressing pound after pound of orange peels by hand to the perfecting the final product they certainly have something to be proud of. You can taste it for yourself, along with their Whiskey Fox Trot, Heart of Glass Strawberry Vodka, and Maumee Moonshine, in their tasting on Saturdays 10am-2pm. Stay tuned for more spirits currently in development!

The Toledo Spirits Company

1301 North Summit

Toledo, OH 43604

Instagram @toledospirits

Facebook @ToledoSpirits

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