National Vegan Month | 10 Essential Foods to Add to Your Vegan Diets

Today we welcome November. First of all, how is it already November?!? I’m very excited about this month nonetheless because it is National Vegan Month. And you know what that means? Yes, I will be once again be going vegan for the month. Last year, this time, I did and really enjoyed it. This year, I’m going a bit further and adding vegan and cruelty-free personal, skin, and beauty products as well.

So what exactly does it mean to be a vegan? Well being vegan means that a person does not eat or use any animal products. If it comes from an animal, they’re not eating it!

You might be thinking that this way of living must have its challenges. Yes of course, but it can definitely be done. Last year, I took on the challenge of being a vegan for a month and it was actually quite easy. It was pretty adventurous trying to find new recipes to cook. I felt so much better while I was doing it too. I decided that I’d give it a go again and maybe this time I’d continue for a couple more months. I ultimately want to make the change permanently. It’s time. But for now one month at a time.

10 Foods Vegans Should Be Eating

1. Legumes

2. Nuts & Nut Butters

3. Fruits & Vegetables

4. Whole Grains & Cereals

5. Plant & Nut Milks

6. Tofu & Tempeh

7. Hemp, Flax & Chia Seeds

8. Seaweed

9. Nutritional Yeast

10. Sprouted & Fermented Plant Foods

During the course of the month, I will be sharing recipes as well as vegan-friendly brands that may be new to you. I also will be reviewing some vegan body and beauty products, as well as a few vegan clothing lines! I’m super excited!

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If you have any vegan products I should be trying out, drop them in comments!

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