Cappuccino, Hold the Dairy Please

For the last year, I’ve opted to forgo dairy when ordering my espresso beverages. Partly because last year, this time, during National Vegan Month, I had decided to go vegan which included eliminating dairy from my coffee. After the month was over, I had a latte with milk and it tasted funny. I had gotten used to the taste of the milk alternatives. I actually enjoyed them. So from that point on, I ordered my espresso with either almond or oat milk. I love that these milk alternatives even make a great froth as well. And you still get the pretty latte art. Winning!

How to Order Vegan Espresso Beverages

1. First inquire about milk alternatives. Alternatives usually include soy, almond, and coconut milk.

2. Be sure to tell the barista to hold any whipped cream, Java chips, sweet condensed milk, white mocha, pumpkin spice, caramel drizzle, chocolate, chai mix, and any honey based products.

3. When in doubt just ask the barista what the ingredients in the beverage is.

4. Or just build your own, using vegan-friendly ingredients you’re familiar with.

Vegan Cappuccino National Vegan Month

So with today being National Cappuccino Day AND National Vegan Month I went to my favorite coffee shop and enjoyed a cappuccino with almond milk. It was quite amazing!


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