So Delicious Takes Frozen Desserts to a Whole Other Level and That’s Not All

Are you looking for the best vegan ice cream ever? So Delicious has you completely covered with their large selection of non dairy frozen desserts. You can find fudge bars, sandwiches, pints, and dipped bars amongst all of the awesomeness. Every single one is to die for. AND they’re vegan. I recently tried their Dipped Mocha Almond Fudge. I mean…just wow. You really can’t go wrong with frozen almondmilk swirled with fudge, encased in chocolate and almonds. It’s literally a win win situation.

What I loved most is their coconut milk CocoWhip!™ Sooo good! I could seriously just be a happy girl with a spoon and a tub of it in my lap. Just happy and loving life! I’ve also enjoyed the whip on top of my daughter’s vegan pumpkin pie, which is to die for. That combo made me very happy.

One morning I added a dollop to my coffee with a sprinkle of pumpkin spice. Yummy! Have ever had one of those mug cakes? You know the ones were you just mix a few ingredients up in a coffee mug, throw it in the microwave, and a couple minutes later you have a mini not for sharing cake. Well, I made a chocolate mug cake and added this CocoWhip!™ on top and the rest of my evening was won. As you can see, I’m a fan of this CocoWhip!™ It’s so good!

Check out some of their other frozen desserts.

So Delicious also has a fantastic selection of dairy free yogurts, creamers, cheese flavored shreds, and milk alternatives. I love their Unsweetened Coconutmilk Beverage. It tastes great in coffee and with a big bowl of cereal. It is also great for a milk alternative for your baking recipes. I’ve used it for cornbread, cake, and waffles. It worked well for all of them.

Also if you’re looking for a good cheese alternative that melts, definitely try their entire shreds line. It has an amazing melt! Works great for nachos!

Bottom line if you’re vegan and haven’t tried So Delicious, DO IT NOW! If you’re not vegan and haven’t tried So Delicious, DO IT NOW! You’re gonna love it…it’s SO Delicious..literally.


*This post was sponsored by So Delicious. All opinions are that of my own. They had no influence on me falling in love with them.

15 thoughts on “So Delicious Takes Frozen Desserts to a Whole Other Level and That’s Not All

  1. That coffee brew looks seriously delicious. Sugar is my weakness. I go through ice-cream like someone’s paying me.

  2. I had the brand for the first time a few months ago when it was summer lol. It was so good and I was kind of shocked because it was vegan

  3. I devour everything you’ve shared here in excessive amounts! Love that dairy-free means you can still enjoy frozen treats.

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