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My first exposure to the joys of gardening was right in my backyard. Every spring my mother would plan what that year’s garden would produce. I remember her picking an abundance of tomatoes, squash, peppers, collard greens, okra, and green beans. Sometimes so much that my mom would share with friends and neighbors. Growing food from her land was the ultimate success. She took much pride in her garden and cared for it delicately. 

According to the United States Department of Agriculture’s 2017 census, 30 percent of all farmers are women and only 1.3 percent of all farmers in America are Black. I got to know two local Ohio plantpenuers who are doing their part in broadening representation in the world of agriculture while providing the much-needed produce and resources within their community. 

Sonia Flunder-McNair

Sonia Organics

Photo courtesy of Sonia Flunder-McNair
When and why you became interested in gardening?

Gardening was always something we did at home. It has always been apart of my family’s history. Gardening became an interest as an adult because fresh food wasn’t accessible in my community. I would have to drive out of my neighborhood to get nutritious foods.

I became even more interested in gardening right before I was told I needed surgery. The surgery caused an infection that almost took my life. All I could think about while in the hospital was to get out and to get some of “my food!” I knew I’d get better if I could just get out and get home.
Photo courtesy of Sonia Flunder-McNair
When and why you became a plantpreneur?

I guess you can say that 2017 is my official year of becoming an official plantpreneur, I love that term. My why is because my community needed me. I was pushed into business by my peers and my community. I was convinced that my job was to help others through education and providing organic foods and natural products.

Photo courtesy of Sonia Flunder-McNair
Tell us a little about your business and what you sell.

I specialize in formulating organic skin and hair care, herbal teas, and all-natural pain relief. I can formulate just about almost anything from plants. My business mission is to save the earth from people and bad practices by creating products and wholistic spaces that do not harm our skin or the environment.

What do you want us to know about your business?

SONIA Organics is truly a grassroots business. Its success has been organic and we’re looking forward to our continued growth. We absolutely love our clients and we strive daily to promote a green self-sufficient lifestyle.

Where to find SONIA Organics

Tatum Park

1209 City Park Ave

Toledo OH 43604

Saturday’s 9-12




Elizabeth Richardson

Fangboner Farms

Photo courtesy of Elizabeth Richardson
When and why did you become interested in gardening?

It was in 2017 in my home garden I started before taking over ownership of as the second generation of our family farm, Fangboner Farms. I enjoyed the bounty one seed could produce. As I grow in plant knowledge I get more curious about the unusual and unique varieties plants can offer us when it comes to herbs and perennial flowers. Why this interests me is the process and reward. Clean process of seed to feed, plant maintenance, and how the garden beds produce so much. Blessing us with the skill set to make unique natural products from the organic gardened soil on our farm as a family. 

When and why you became a plantpreneur?

I became CEO in September 2018 and took the title over starting December 2018 after traveling 2 weeks in South America exploring many cultures. I became a plantpreneur to keep our family farm going. Shortly after I fell in love with our clean and pure relationship with nature on our farm. Each day I am in awe and more in love with the beauty that pays us back from the care we take of our land in Holland, Ohio. With the vast varieties of plants, we specialize in the unique and unusual species of perennials and herbs that you wouldn’t commonly see in a local neighbors yard. My dad Roland Richardson is the founder in 2012 and my daughter is the third generation working the farm during summer break. 

Tell us a little about your business and what you sell.

We sell perennials and herbs. Some of the perennial varieties of 2020 were freckles face, zebra lilacs, dwarf Betony, ping pong lavender, dwarf mouse-ear hostas, ornamental onions(our plant of the year), coneflower varieties, lemongrass, purple basil, lemon thyme,  and over 100 varieties of perennials. 2021 varieties available September 5-6 2020. 

What do you want us to know about your business?

We are your natural source for herbal tea varieties, hand-poured 100% soy wax candles, the secret recipe for Grandma’s lemon loaf sold here along with Chocolate dreamland cake, body scrubs, smudge sticks, homeopathic sprays for cuts and abrasions, natural good riddance of toilet water smells, high quality natural and pure hand sanitizer, spice blends, meat rubs, antiques, unique gifts and baskets, holiday gift bags and boxes, event location, Airbnb, volunteer opportunities. We have uncommon perennial and herb selections, new arrivals weekly. We can assist in lawn design and landscaping







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