Behind The Scenes Look| The Merry Widow | Toledo Opera

The Toledo Opera’s production of The Merry Widow is underway. I attended the final room run last night and was blown away. It is so funny and entertaining! Every single cast member has a voice of gold. It is a must see!!

Get your ticket IMMEDIATELY! (In my Baron Zeta voice.🙂)

The Merry Widow waltzes into our hearts on February 10th and 12th at the Valentine Theatre! Don’t wait! Order your tickets today at 419-255 (SING) or at!

Lehar’s charming, uplifting comedy plays out in a stream of memorable melodies and witty dialogue. This operetta centers on the relationship between the wealthy young widow Hanna and Danilo, who has an appetite for wine and women. As this delightful tale of a woman’s quest for love unfolds, their burgeoning romance is hampered by mishap, intrigue, and comedic misadventure!

J. Ernest Green conducts this bubbly delight while Jamie Offenbach and James M. Norman bring the light-hearted comedy to life. Starring Metropolitan Opera soprano Alyson Cambridge as Hannah Glawari and Metropolitan Opera baritone Keith Phares as Count Danilo Danilovitsch

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