CamiCakes Creamery

This afternoon I took trip to the CamiCakes Creamery. Having been to the cupcake shop, I was very curious as to if the ice cream was as good. The creamery is located within a very nice business community in Smyrna. On the outside sits their ice cream cart that is attached to cute bike with a basket on the front. As soon as you step inside, you are hit with what you are about to experience. The smell was amazing! After much contemplation, I decided on the ice cream sandwich with Red Velvet Cake and Buttered Pecan Ice Cream. Yum!! I have no pictures because I ate it too fast. The cake was very moist, not too sweet, and it was delicious. The ice cream was also good. I really liked that there were a lot of pecans in the ice cream. My daughter got a Mint Chocolate Cupcake and Lemon Ice Cream. I’ll assume it was good since it was gone before I sat down to eat mines. She didn’t save me not one morsel. Lol. CamiCakes has many options for all of your cupcake and ice cream needs. If you haven’t been to CamiCakes go ahead and treat yourself to something wonderful.

CamiCakes Creamery
4500 W Village Pl
Smyrna, GA 30080

Monday-Thursday, Sunday 12pm-7pm
Friday and Saturday 12pm-9pm

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