Red Hare Chase 2014

Today Red Hare Brewing Company hosted their Red Hare Chase, a celebration of running and craft beer. There was a 5K and a 15K where runners were encouraged to chase and beat the rabbit. The rabbit was a costumed runner also running in the race. As a bonus, if runners did beat the rabbit they were treated to an exclusive cask tasting of the Breakfast Beer. Yes, beer was pouring before 9am. After the race all runners were able to relax with one of Red Hare’s many craft beers in their souvenir glass. This was my first visit to this brewery as well as my first time trying their beer. It’s a great tasting beer. I especially enjoyed their Octoberfest and the “Breakfast Beer”.
Red Hare offers tours of their facility as well as a host of events throughout the year. Check them out!

Red Hare Brewing Company
1998 Delk Industrial Boulevard
Marietta, GA 30067

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