Museum Day at The High Museum of Art

Today was Free Museum Day at The High Museum of Art! On the first full weekend of month, Bank of America cardholders receive free admission to The High. Nice! I’ve been taking full advantage to this special for years.

There are several exhibits currently on display. The most recent is the Coca Cola Bottle: An American Icon at 100 exhibit, celebrating the bottle’s centennial. It features the history of the bottle, a pop art section with works by Andy Warhol, an installation piece of 500 3D printed bottles, and a photography section. It’s pretty amazing! This exhibit will be on display until October 4, 2015.



Also on display is Imagining New Worlds: Wifredo Lam, José Parlá and Fahamu Pecou. I attended the preview party last month, but it was nice to really experience the art without so many people in the gallery. The works of all three artist are beautiful. Definitely go see for yourself. Imagining New Worlds will run until May 24, 2015.









Oh and how can I forget?! Sage made some wonderful art today at the museum. Everyone loved it!


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