Georgetown Cupcake Comes To Atlanta

Last week Georgetown Cupcakes opened a new location in Atlanta. The buzz of its opening was loud and it was clear that people would be running to get a cupcake from this famed shop. I had never heard of Georgetown Cupcakes, but I was curious. On opening day, I attempted to see what all the fuss was about. IMG_7426.JPG
The line was around the corner with a 3 hour wait!!! I waited for 20 minutes before deciding eating a cupcake wasn’t that serious. So I carried on with my day. But I was still curious.
Today I started following Georgetown Cupcakes on Twitter and found out that they offer an off the menu cupcake free of charge. Awesome! But of course they were out of them by the time I arrived. I still wanted to try a cupcake so I got the Cherry Blossom Cupcake. It was pretty good. It was a little small but it was flavorful. There are many flavors available on a daily basis. They also have gluten free cupcakes! have a few I will be back to try.




Georgetown Cupcakes
267 E Paces Ferry Rd, Ste C353
Atlanta, GA 30305

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