It’s Star Wars Day! #MayTheFourthBeWithYou

Today is Star Wars Day! In 1977, Star Wars was introduced to the public and since then, fans of the movies have loyally stood by its side. Star Wars is the fifth largest grossing movie series, generating 4.38 million dollars in box office sales. I remember The Empire Strikes Back as my first experience seeing a movie on the big screen. I’ve been a fan ever since!
I searched for some Star Wars Day activities today around Atlanta. The Disney Store had a very small event to include 30% off their Star Wars Collection. They also gave out some Star Wars Coloring pages as well as some very cool bookmarks! IMG_0784.JPG
Also since today May The Fourth, The Free Art Movementf in Atlanta was heavy. Atlanta artist dropped free art all over the city. Clues were given on Instagram and Twitter using the hashtag, #fafatl (free art for Atl ) . Today I found 2! I was so excited! The first one was found and claimed by someone 5 seconds ahead of me. I watched him get it as I tried to get across Cobb Pkwy. But he was nice enough to also drop some art before leaving!

R2D2 (@octlanta)
I also made my way to Cool Beans Coffee Roasters and claimed another #fafatl piece. While I was there I got a Yoda Latte with honey. Tasty!

Sith Lord by (@angrynerdz)

If no mistake have you made, yet losing you are … a different game you should play. -YODA

7 thoughts on “It’s Star Wars Day! #MayTheFourthBeWithYou

  1. Yeah! Star Wars Day! I’ve been a fan since day one. It was the first movie that shook the theatre with sound and felt so real. Who would have thought the series would continue to grow this long…

  2. This was awesome! What was that thing the guy before you left? It looks like it could be a bead you put on a charm bracelet. Cute little R2D2. The Yoda shout out on your latte was too much! ❤ You celebrated Star Wars Day in style my friend! lol 🙂

  3. That is extremely cool. I’m not in the Star Wars bandwagon (for some reason I never got sucked into it), but even I can appreciate how cool this is! 🙂

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