Atlanta Food and Wine Festival 2015

Yesterday, I had the pleasure of attending the third and final day of Atlanta Food and Wine Festival. This was my second year attending the grand event. If you love food, wine, craft beer, bourbon, unique treats, and an all around good time. This is the event to be at. Now I must say, yesterday the weather was less than desirable. It began pouring down in Atlanta an hour before the gates open. How nice! The rain continued about an hour into the festival. Most of the festival was under tents, but moving from tent to got a little tricky. Nonetheless, everyone seemed to enjoy themselves. I know I did! I had some great fun friends also in attendance so that made for an even more awesome Sunday.

There were some pretty unique items being served up. I really enjoyed Feast BBQ’s Delaware Oysters topped with Potlikker Shaved Ice. It was beyond delicious. I also enjoyed the Cricket Bark from Delysia Chocolatier. Revolution Doughnuts served up their famous Peach Slider Doughnuts. An Atlanta staple, the King of Pops, had Patron Pops. Yum! I also sampled some great wine and cocktails.

As the day ended the weather became beautiful and Coca Cola lounge became a club as the Dj pumped up the music. Festival goers flocked to the tent to join the party. What awesome Sunday!












19 thoughts on “Atlanta Food and Wine Festival 2015

  1. I only live two hours away from Atlanta and I need to go to this! Looks like you had a ton of fun and everything looks so good!

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