Pizza Crosta | Restaurant Review

Yesterday, while out looking for lunch, I stumbled upon Pizza Crosta. It’s a new pizzeria in Sandy Springs. I was pulled in by a sign on the outside of the plaza its in that read Unlimited Topping Pizza for $7.99. Really?? I checked some reviews and they were all favorable. But I had to see for myself.

I really like the decor of the pizzaria. It was very modern and clean. I was greeted immediately and asked my crust of choice. There was white, wheat, and gluten free. I chose white. Then there were several sauces to choose from. Eight sauces to exact! I chose traditional. I wasn’t feeling adventurous. There was many many topping to also choose from. I tried not to put everything on my pizza! I mean it was unlimited! IMG_2334.JPG


After completing my pizza and a very short wait, I was enjoying my pizza creation. It was very good. I tried to save a couple slices for later but it didn’t work out that way.




3 thoughts on “Pizza Crosta | Restaurant Review

  1. This looks like the Chipotle of pizza places! How cool! I’m interested to know what the other sauces were. I’m a traditional sauce kind of girl myself, but I like to branch out every now and then. 🙂

  2. Nice review – that looks delicious!!!! We have a local pizza place where you can sort of create your own pizza, but the toppings aren’t put out in full view like that and they don’t have eight sauces. How fun!

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