Free Family Day at the Woodruff Art Center + Sprinkles Cupcakes + Zinburger = Funday Sunday

Last week, my friend Leslie and I planned a fun Sunday with our daughters, Sage and Din. We started our day at the Woodruff Arts Center, where they were having a Free Family Festival. Free!!   
There were  lots of fun activities going on between the High Museum and Alliance Theater. The first thing we hit was the photo booth. EKSluder Photography & Such had a cute booth set up with a giant heart as a background. Our pictures came out super cute!!


Photo by EKSluder Photography & Such
Photo by EKSluder Photography & Such
Photo by EKSluder Photography & Such

Next, we headed to the Robinson Atrium for a Asanwa Traditional Nigerian Dance Performance. The girls even got a photo with these awesome young ladies!


While at The High, we also enjoyed a visit to the Iris Van Herpen: Herpen: Transforming Fashion Exhibit. I’ve seen it several times but it never gets old. Go see it before it leaves in May! It was  getting real crowded so we headed out to the Memorial Arts Building to the 1280 Gallery. Here we got temporary tattoos and enjoyed some relaxing Mandala coloring. 


We missed a few activities, but we had a great time. We always have a great time at these Free Family Days. I was happy to see so many families out taking  advantage of this special day. 

With four rumbling tummys, it was an indication that it was time to eat! We hopped on the train and headed to Lenox Mall.

Waiting on the train!

Last month I tweeted a picture of my daughter blowing out her birthday candle at Sprinkles. Sprinkles loved the picture so much they wanted to feature it on their website as a #SprinklesMoment. Yay! How exciting! Even more exciting is that they gave me a dozen free donuts! Yasss!! Today was the perfect day pick up a dozen yummy cupcakes. And that I did! Thanks Sprinkles!! 


I got a box of cupcakes!

After picking up my cupcakes, we went next door to eat at Zinburger. My first experience with Zinburger was at a blogger menu preview with the Atlanta Food Bloggers’ Society. I was very impressed and have been back many times. I always get the Zuchinni Fries. Best thing ever! For real! In addition to that I ordered the turkey burger with smoked mozzarella. So good!! I was so stuffed that there was no room for cupcakes.  

Zuchinni Fries!
Juicy Turkey Burger w/ Avocado, Alfalfa Sprouts, and Smoked Mozzarella

But, after a train ride home, I was ready to dig into one. And it was well worth the wait. 


What a fantastic way to spend a beautiful Sunday!

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