Breakfast 03.17.16 | Callie’s Hot Little Biscuits


This morning, I ventured out to the Atlanta neighborhood of the Virginia Highlands to visit Callie’s Hot Little Biscuits. I had heard lots of good things about this new bakery and thought it was time to go see for myself. Biscuits! I was excited! Not only am I a baker of my very own amazing biscuits, but I am a connoisseur of these delightful baked bites. Basically I know a good biscuit when I bite into one.


Let me start out by saying that this shop is super cute! It’s very welcoming. I mean when I walked you get hit with the smell of buttery goodness. Mmmmmm. I get to the counter and announce that it’s my first visit to the bakery. The young lady gives me the rundown on all the varieties of biscuits. There were four sweet and four savory to choose from. 

Sweet: Peach , Cinnamon, and Blackberry

Savory:  Cheese & Chive, Buttermilk, Ham, and Black Pepper

As she described the flavors I decided that they all needed to be in my mouth. But who really eats 8 biscuits in one setting. I guess I could, but not today. So I went with the 3 for $5 deal. Now for the hard part choosing just three! I finally decided to go with the Cinnamon, Cheese & Chive, and Peach.

I opted to sitting down and eating them rather than stuffing my face with them as I walk down the street. Plus I really wanted to be able to truly enjoy the biscuits and the ambiance of the bakery together. As I sat and watched Hot Little Biscuit Fans come and go, every one seemed really happy about having this biscuits in their possession. I know I was! The biscuits very amazing. My favorite? Cheese & Chive! When I tell that I could eat this biscuit everyday, I am not lying! The Cinnamon and Peach were delicious as well but that Cheese & Chive has me wanting to get another one right not!




Right as I was leaving, fresh biscuits were being made. Right in the window!! Love it!! Callie’s Hot Little Biscuits are all that! Go get some today!

Callie’s Hot Little Biscuits

1004 Virginia Ave NE

Atlanta, GA 30306


28 thoughts on “Breakfast 03.17.16 | Callie’s Hot Little Biscuits

  1. I would love to check this out! I love biscuits. I really want to try the cheese and chive. Yum!

  2. These biscuits look so good. I don’t eat them very often though. I want to try the Peach and cheese & chive.

  3. Oh biscuits are amazing. I love fresh biscuits, but I’ll admit I’ve never seen a place like Callies. Wish I was closer to visit would love to try some!

  4. Oh my goodness, I would love to find shops like this to frequent. Anymore, everything is so cookie cutter and big corporations. I am drooling over your photos and jealous of the fun and true homemade goodness. WOW!

  5. It took me right till the end of this post to realise biscuits are something different in America! Here is the UK a biscuit is what you would call a cookie and the idea of savoury cookies baffled me. Thankfully the photos made me realise what American biscuits are here (scones) and it made a lot more sense. LOL.

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