Topper’s Rhum ~ The Best Rhum You Never Had

Recently, I was invited to a very special tasting of Topper’s Rhum by Melissa Haas of The Front Porch Gourmet. Topper’s Rhum is handmade in St. Maarten and is only available in a few states. Not including Georgia. Booo! We hope to change this as this Rhum is much needed in every bar, restaurant, and rhum loving home in Georgia. This award winning Rhum is a true sipping rhum. It’s wonderful straight and on the rocks. Topper’s Rhum is also great to cook with. Melissa was so gracious as to provide us with tasty bites made with Topper’s Rhum. Thanks Melissa!

But first we had a cocktail made with Topper’s Rhum! Our mixologist of the evening, Rob from Mix It Up, made the specially crafted cocktails.  I had the Much Macho Spicy Mojito made with Topper’s Coconut Rhum. It was pretty awesome!

After a fabulous introduction to Topper’s Rhum we began dinner.  Each course was made with a Topper’s Rhum variety.  Every course was delicious! I loved how the flavors of the Rhum came out in each dish.  Rhum is definitely a great way to add additional pizzazz to your meal.  With so many flavors of Rhum offered by Topper’s, you are bound to find something for all of your cooking needs.

Halfway through the dinner, we had a tasting of six varieties of Topper’s Rhum. Tastings included Coconut, Mocha Mama, Banana Vanilla Cinnamon, White Chocolate Raspberry, Caribbean White, and Spiced. WOW!! Everyone of them I would want in my personal bar.  You could really taste the possibilities in each one.  Recipes and cocktail combinations just jumped in my head. I need them all!!!

We completed our dinner with a beautiful dessert, Honey Ginger Ricotta Filled Squash Blossom, Rhum macerated raspberries with coulis and white chocolate dust. Yes Please!! It was made with Topper’s White Chocolate Raspberry Rhum and it was perfect! That is some really good rhum! As a delicious bonus, Melissa prepared dessert to go because we were stuffed. Using Topper’s Banana Cinnamon Vanilla Rhum, Melissa made a Southern Banana Pudding with Rhum soaked lady fingers, topped with crushed vanilla wafers, fresh bananas, and banana rhum cream. I didn’t even taste it till a couple days later. It was so amazing! I need to see about placing an order!

So we had a friendly social media competion amongst all of the bloggers. Guess who won. ME!!! I won a basket of goodies, including a bottle of Topper’s Spiced Rhum! YAY!!!! In the basket was some other goodies from The Leaning Ladder and Astor Chocolate. I was a happy camper.

So lets get Topper’s Rhum here in Georgia. If they are not in your town, they need to be.

Thanks Topper’s Rhum for a wonderful tasting. Thanks Melissa and Rob for an awesome spread of food and cocktails.



*I received this tasting and dinner complimentary. All thoughts and opinions are that of my own.


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