Atlanta Coffee Shops To Visit

I have not always been a fan of coffee. Growing up, my mother would get up early every morning start a pot of coffee for herself and my dad. Every single morning. I didn’t like the taste of coffee back then. I preferred tea. I didn’t really start drinking coffee till about five years ago. Starbucks was my coffee of choice until I was really introduced to the real world espresso. My espresso drink of choice is a Latte, sweetened with honey. If a coffee shop can nail that with the perfect amount of sweetness and flavorful beans as a base, they will have a return customer. There are so many coffee shops in Atlanta, you are bound to have a couple favorites. Here are a few of mines.

1. Octane Coffee

I had my first latte here and was hooked! I’m excited for the opening of their newest location at Woodruff Arts Center!

2. Chattahoochee Coffee Company


This coffeeshop has the most amazing scenery. Sitting along the Chattahoochee River, it’s the perfect place to enjoy you great cup of coffee and reflect on life.

3. Dancing Goats/Batdorf and Bronson Coffee

Recently I took a tour at the Batdorf and Bronson Coffee Roastery and became an even more fan of the company. Their coffee is just dreamy! They can be found in a few restaurants in Atlanta, but I like to visit their coffee shop at Ponce City Market, Dancing Goats. They have an amazing outside sitting area perfect for reading a book and sipping on a latte. 

4. Rev Coffee

This coffee in located in my former hood, Smyrna. I was so happy to discover this awesome coffee shop near me. I love going there to to write. The atmosphere is real chill. Their dedication to a perfectly roasted batch of coffee does not go unnoticed. What’s also very cool about this coffee shop is that it’s a converted garage. Brilliant! 

5. Cool Beans Coffee Roastery 
 Located in Marietta Square, this coffee shop is your best bet for a good cup of coffee north of Atlanta. I actually found out about the while attending the Coffeee Fest last year. As I sampled a taste, I was thinking, how have I not been to this place that’s basically sitting in my backyard?? Since then I’ve made several visits the Cool Beans Coffee Roastery. It was even a stop on The Marietta Food Tour I took not to long ago. Besides the great coffee, the atmosphere is real laid back. I like that. Who wants to go to an uptight coffeehouse anyway? Not I! 

5. Java Monkey

This Decatur Square gem is a great place to grab a caffeinated drink and then sit outside to people watch. They make an awesome latte! While you’re there check out their selection of teas. The best!

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