Seoul of the South Korean Food Tour 

Atlanta is a great place to visit, just for the culture alone. As a food blogger I get to experience it in the cuisine. Yes the culinary scene here is amazing! With so many cultures to experience it’s a never ending adventure.

A couple weeks ago, I went to Korea. Not really. I was actually in Gwinnett. But I got a taste of Korea when I took the Seoul in the South tour. Curated by Explore Gwinnett, I was about to travel to Korea through food. A lot of food! This is my second tour with them and it was equally as awesome.

Photo Credit: Explore Gwinnett

Me and some fellow Atlanta bloggers, once again boarded a trolley and went on a culinary adventure like no other. Our first stop was The Stone Grill, where we were given an array of freshly cooked meats that was prepared right at the table. Not an meat eater, I enjoyed the grilled shrimp, egg soufflé, and all of the side dishes. Don’t feel bad, they were all real tasty. I was totally content with the macaroni salad, kimchi, soup, and bean sprouts. My favorite had to be the ribs and cheese, minus the ribs. Y’all know I love cheese! So this cheese is in front of me and so hot that it bubbling. Of course I’m going to stick my chopstick in a get me some! So cheesy and good!!

Next destination, was to Honey Pig. Just like The Stone Grill, your meats are cooked right in front of you on the table. They used a cast iron vessel to do so. Once all the meats were cooked, fried rice was prepared on the dome. It was really cool to watch.

My Favorite Suwanee Chicken & Pizza was our next stop on the Seoul of the South tour. Here we were delighted with Korean Fried Chicken and Sweet Potato Pizza. I really enjoyed the chicken. It was so crispy! The pizza was interesting. I couldn’t see myself ordering it on my own, but it was different. I’ll give them that.

Next door was our final destination, Arte 3 for some Korean sweet treats. This cute dessert establishment offered some really tasty treats to cure any sweet tooth. We were greeted with an array of delectables. My favorite Waffle Desert. So good! I had two. Don’t tell nobody. Shhhhh. I mean who doesn’t love a waffle with fruit and ice cream on top??? We were also delighted with ice coffee, bean paste fishes, and Korean Muligrain. What a great place to end the Seoul of the South tour!!

Stuffed and satisfied, we boarded the trolley and headed back to home base. Gwinett is a great place to explore Korea without actually leaving the country. It’s rich in Korean culture that you can definitely see just driving down the street. Whether you’re in town for the weekend or you live near downtown Atlanta, Gwinett should be included in your cultural places to visit list. You won’t be disappointed.

Thank you Explore Gwinnett for this awesome complimentary experience! As always, all opinions are my own.

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