Tips for Easy Summer Entertaining

There is no better excuse for entertaining friends or family than good weather. Good weather makes everyone want to get outside and stretch their legs. It keeps drinks flowing and conversations spicy. Good weather makes days longer and nights hotter, in the best possible way. Good weather is the perfect excuse to send out invitations, text messages, or a flare signaling telling everyone the party has started. Since the weather is warming up and the flowers are popping, you do not have any more excuses for staying locked inside. It is time to get out and throw a party!If Summer has got you in the party planning mood, there are several factors, other than just the weather, you will need to consider. Here are five things a good host or hostess need to keep in mind for an epic Summer get together.

The Company

Before sending out the invitations, you need to consider who you want to invite to your party. Are you going to have a neighborhood soiree or a gathering of friends from work? Do you want parents to bring their children or will it be an adults only type of event? If you are bringing together people who do not already know one another, you will need plenty of ice breakers and time for mingling and conversation. If there are children, you need to plan for their entertainment in addition to the entertainment for adults. The guest list will drive how time will be spent during the party, and it will also help you decide what should be on the menu.

Food and Drinks

Once you have decided on the guest list, you will need to start planning what you will serve your guests. You do not need to go to great lengths just because you have decided to host people, ordering pizza is a crowd pleaser and super easy if you do not want to spend too much time in the kitchen, before, during or after your event. If you are a cooking aficionado, then be sure to plan through food prep and cleanup, dedicate serving trays for all your creations, and plan on keeping things cool or warm if necessary.

Drinks are a key factor in the party-planning process – if you plan on having adult beverages make sure all your guests are responsible and have a safe way to commute to their final destination. If you intend on hosting little ones, then it is good to make sure you have kid-friendly beverages and lots of food to put a smile on the faces of your young guests.

Feel the Rhythm

Every great party always has music playing in the background. Whether it is retro, relaxing, or house music, the soul of the party is counted by the beat of the bass. Create a crowd-pleasing play list beforehand and make sure all your speakers are working before the first of the guests arrive. The music should not overpower the environment but be like a welcomed guest who everyone enjoys listening to, but not someone you need to shout over to carry on a conversation.

Pick a Theme

Setting a theme for your party will help make a lot of the other choices fall into place. If you want to plan a backyard luau or a Fourth of July cookout, the food and drinks are natural extensions of the overall theme. A theme does not need to be elaborate just enough to help set your guest’s expectations and help you plan.

Choose the Perfect Setting

Hosting a party in your home is an excellent way to open your door to friends, family, and coworkers. With fantastic weather right around the corner, there is no reason why the party cannot stretch into the yard as well. Opening up the space allows guests to move around freely and experience the fresh air they can only get outside. There is no better place to gather outside than around a pool. Everyone loves cooling off in the pool or gathering around it to layout and soak up the summer sun.

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Rec Warehouse can help you put the finishing touches on an epic Summer party. A pool or hot tub will have all your guests excited about receiving an invitation, and if you want to keep the party indoors, Rec Warehouse also sells pool tables. So no matter the season or the weather you will have everything you need to be the perfect host. Visit Rec Warehouse in Kennesaw, Jonesboro, or Norcross to find out how to add a little more fun to your Summer get-togethers.

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