Toledo Eats: Schmucker’s Restaurant

The other day was National Pi Day and I was busy plotting a day of sweet and savory pie. Upon research, I found Schmucker’s Restaurant. I ask my Dad, who’s been living in Toledo all his life, if he’s been there. And of course he has! He goes on to tell me that he has had many of great meals there. I told him it was National Pi Day and ask what he thought about the pies. He nods and says, “Yes, their pies are great!” He also tells me that the pies were homemade right there in the restaurant. Cool! His favorite is the Coconut Cream Pie. Noted….

So I go on with my day and just so happen to be down the street from Schucker’s. I decided to go pick up a slice of pie for my awesome dad and one for myself. I pull up to the cutest retro diner. I walk in and it has a very retro feel inside as well. So cute! It’s pretty crowded, but people don’t seem to mind. There were a few tables in the middle of the diner and some booths along one wall. On the other side was seating at a long lunch counter. Behind the counter was the cooking area and the PIE! Above the pie was a crazy list of pies that were available. Over 20 pies! The take-out line was pretty long, so I had time to decide which one I wanted. This place was busy! I noticed several boxes of whole pies being ordered and walking out of the door. The line never let up. People definitely love this place and certainly feel that the food is worth the wait. I couldn’t wait to experience what everyone apparently already knows.

I ordered a slice of Coconut Cream Pie for my Dad and Key Lime Pie for myself. When I got home, I presented to pie to my Dad. I got a huge smile and a hug! I took my Key Lime Pie out and took a bite. Mmmmmmmm. I should have bought a whole pie!!! So what I loved about the pie was that it wasn’t overwhelming sweet, the Key Lime flavor was there, and the crust was tasty. I loved this whole pie situation! Later that day I tasted my dad’s Coconut Pie and it too was delicious.

I will definitely be returning to Schmucker’s to try the rest of the pies. Next time I’ll sit and have a meal.

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