Taste & Explore: Hilton Head Island

I just spent a most relaxing 5 days at Hilton Head Island. Most of which was spent either at the pool or the beach. With temperatures well into the 90s, that’s the only place I wanted to be.

With that being the case, I didn’t really get to fully explore the island as far as food and attractions. But I did squeeze a few spots in. On one morning my friend and I headed out to find a coffee shop. Through the Yelp App, we were able to discover Caretta Coffee Co. It was actually only one of a few coffee shops even open on a Sunday.

You could tell by the long line that had already formed. We decided to wait it out. In addition to espresso, Caretta Coffee Co. also offers wine, beer, and brunch cocktails.

On this visit I ordered a Dirty Chai Latte. I had never had one till that day. My friend I was with got me familiar with this awesomeness. So a Dirty Chai Latte is a Chai Latte with 2 shots of espresso. I thank the talented baristas at Caretta Coffee for an amazing first experience. I’ll be getting that again!

The next day, we headed to the beach to catch some morning rays. The beach was only few minutes walk from where we were staying. I couldn’t pass up a trip to the beach with it being that close.

I really love being by water. The sound just puts me in a very relaxed state of mind.

A few days later we ventured out to check out a few more places. Our first stop was to Low Country Backyard, where guest are delighted with a delicious menu full of Lowcountry Seafood and Cuisine.

We were not too hungry so we decided to order cocktails and dessert. I went with the Moon-A-Rita, a margarita made with South Carolina Moonshine. That was quite tasty. My friend got a Backyard Stormy, a rum based drink. It was also tasty. We shared a slice of homemade Key Lime Pie, but I could have easily eaten a whole pie by myself. It was soooooo good. The pie was perfectly made with the right amount of sweetness. It made me very happy. I really enjoyed the warm hospitality. Our waiter was very pleasant and accommodating.

Photo Credit: L. Price

Next we decided to check out another coffee shop called Java Burrito. If you’re craving a burrito and a good cup of espresso, this is the place for you. This fast casual restaurant offers fresh food sourced locally with out the use of artificial preservatives and growth hormones. I was only interested in their caffeinated offerings, so I headed to the coffee shop portion of the establishment. I was happy to see that the coffee bar also used locally roasted organic beans, milk, and syrups.

After studying their menu, I decided on one of their seasonal selections, a Honey Lavender Latte. It was quite lovely. Before leaving to head back to the beach house to put my feet back in the water, I noticed that they had a self-served photo booth right outside their door. How fun!

Ok! Now back to the pool!

17 thoughts on “Taste & Explore: Hilton Head Island

  1. Wow, this place looks like a pure bliss and the way you have described the place it indeed seems like a must-visit destination. I am especially curious about the Dirty Chai Latte. Would really love to try something like this.

  2. We love how you took us through your wonderful journey with some lovely photos. BTW you are slaying it in that swim suit

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