Summer Break Adventures 05.24.16 TGM Bread + Tipple & Rose + Alice Looking Through the Glass

Today was the official start of Summer Break! We had a pretty lazy start to the day but finally got up and headed to TGM Bread to check out their Pita Pop. This lunch special includes fresh baked pita from Rob Alexander and a delicious selection of hummus tahini bowls and salatim. Today we tried the Heirloom Tomato with Olive Oil, Sea Salt and Black Pepper. So good!! You can check out the Pita PopUp every Tuesdays-Fridays, 11:30-1:30.

Pita Pop Up ! Yummy!

While we were sitting and enjoying lunch I was scrolling through Instagram and saw that Tipple & Rose had some passes for the advance screening of Alice Looking Through the Glass.  I gave them a quick call to make sure the passes were still available. And they were! Yay! So on to Tipple & Rose we went. 

I’ve been wanting to visit this tea shop for awhile. A few of my friends has already been there and loved it. As soon as I walked through the door I could see why. It was so cute!! I loved everything about it. We walked to the back of the teashop to ask about the movie passes. I was destracted by all of the tea displayed on the counter. So many to choose from! We had plenty of time before the movie so we decided to sit and enjoy a cup of tea. Actually we enjoyed a pot of tea. Lol. Sage ordered a pot of Vanilla Chai and I had a pot of Peach Ginger. Both very tasty. We sat and enjoyed our tea and the lovely ambiance until it was time to head to the movies.


Sipping Tea! I love this picture!
But first we took a couple photos!!


I love that i can see Sage’s refection as she takes my photo.
Vintage Coca-Cola sign in North Highlands.
It was definitely a good day!
We still got to the theaters a little early so we took some more pictures! Lol!!


Hanging with the Mini Me!
Atlantic Station has alot of great places to pictures.
Ok. Now we headed to the theater to see the advanced screening of Alice Looking Through the Glass starring, Johnny Depp, Mia Wasikowska, and Anne Hathaway. I really enjoyed it and so did Sage. Alice Looking Through the Glass is in theaters, May 27th. Go check it out! 



Penelahpe’s Culinary Services Presents..A Spring Taste 

Are you ready for the next installment of the Penelahpe’s Dinner Party Series? Wait! What? You missed the last one??? So sorry to hear that. Well I’ll go ahead and get up to speed with what you missed. Fortunately for you, there’s a dinner party next week. So it’s not too late to experience the awesomeness that is Penelahpe’s Culinary Services. 


Led by Chef Leslie Gordon, Penelahpe’s Culinary Services put together an unforgettable night of food, cocktails, and great company. Upon arrival, guest were greeted with the specialty cocktail of the evening, Spring Bliss. This wonderful cocktail was made with Blood Orange Italian Soda, Lime and Silver Tequila, with Pink Himalayan Sea Salt and Thyme rim.  A great all around spring sipping cocktail. And a delicious start to a fantastic evening. The night’s beer sponser, Down Home Brewing Company, provided the perfect beer to accompany each course. Check out the rest of the menu!

Spring Bliss
Summer Set Clams and Popcorn with Citrus Salt
Arugala Salad with Shitake Mushrooms and Spicy Lime Vinaigrette. Beer Paring: DHB Summer Set Pilsner
Mango Sorbet Cleanser Beer Pairing: DHB Bittersweet IPA

Spinach Ramen with Smoked Paprika Chicken, Hot and Sour Shrimp, Fried Tofu in Smoked Garlic Chili Sauce. Beer Pairing: DHB O’l Heffe Wheat
Green Tea Cheesecake with Sea Salt Crust

Penelahpe’s next dinner party will be a midnight dinner in loving memory of Chef Gordon’s father. It’s going to be awesome! So don’t miss out! Tickets can be purchased by clicking photo below! CLICK IT!! See y’all there!


Fun in the Photo Booth!

Beer Sponser  Down Home Brewing Coompany
Down Home Brewing Coompany


Social Media Guest Winner, Ashley!

Hogs & Hops 2016

Today Atlanta Beer Festivals held their Hogs & Hops festival at the Historic Old Fourth Ward Park. This part food, part beer festival has become a favorite among Atlanta festival goers. Today was the most perfect day to be out enjoying tasty bites and awesome craft beer. Check out the photo story below for all of the highlights.


Always a good time volunteering with these awesome people.
Hops & Hops souvenir cup.
More awesome volunteers!
Cilantro Uno ~ Crispy Fish Taco
Photo opp with Cilantro Uno’s very own Handsome!
Mexican Street Corn ~ Venkman’s
The Geek Band provided some great music and these awesome geek glasses I have on.

Fried Green Tomatos ~ Smoke Ring
Relaxing and enjoing the beautiful weather
Pecan Pie Ice Cream ~ Queen of Cream
Roasted Chicken Bao ~ Pijiu Belly
Listening to the sound of The Geek Band!
Atlanta Beer Festivals added a few new volunteers. I think they got the hang of this!
Chill Mode


National Beer Day + Monday Night Brewing + UberEATS + Flip Burger Boutique = An Awesome Thursday Night

What do you do when it’s National Beer Day and you just happen to have a coupon for a tour and tasting at one of your favorite local breweries? You grab your beer buddy who also has this same coupon and get down to Monday Night Brewing is what you do! It was the perfect weather to sit on their patio and enjoy a tasty craft beer.
I was very excited that their new release, Slap Fight was available to taste as I hadn’t had a chance to try yet. I started with that! Not only is the IPA a great tasting beer, the can is awesome too! I love the color of it and the image on it is just hilarious! We also received a souvenir Slap Fight glass to take home! 


I also had their Cinnamon Cocoa Drafty Kilt from their Clip-on Series. So tasty!! I couldn’t leave without having my current favorite beer, Fu Manbrew. The perfect Spring/Summer beer! It’s just an all around great tasting beer. It was the perfect companion to my dinner tonight! Thanks to an awesome promotion by UberEATS, dinner was free!! UberEATS delivers food from some of Atlanta’s best restaurants right to you. Tonight’s promo was $25 dollars towards your meal. Yes! I ordered my food from Flip Burger Boutique, since I really wanted one of their Turkey Burgers.  I also ordered Sweet Potato Tots, Kale Slaw, and Sweet Potato Pecan Salad. Yummy!! For all of that, I paid 5 cents out of pocket! Best Dinner Ever! 


How did you celebrate #NationalBeerDay?

Lady Locavores Celebrates International Women’s Day 

In honor of International Women’s Day, Community Farmers Markets held its Lady Locavores event last night at the Garner Girls Specialty Foods and Culinary Studio.  The event celebrated amazing  woman chefs, artisans, and farmers in the Atlanta community. Food and drinks were prepared by woman chefs and mixologist using locally  sourced produce from female owned farms and artisans. It was a beautiful night as we celebrated these divine queens in all of their glory. I was truly honored to be amongst such inspiring women. 


Participating Chefs

Chef Beee ~ Quiche & Tell 

Chana Masala & Daal


Kenan Hill ~ Kitchen 1240 

White Bean Soup with Chorizo Turnips + Kale


Chef Carla de Rosa ~ Living Food Institute 

Shredded Rainbow Chard – pickled beets, shredded carrots, onions, garlic, salt, nutritional yeast, cashew cheese 


Chef Virginia Willis

Blackeyed Pea Soup with Mustard Greens


Chef Lis Hernandez ~ Arepa Mia 

Cachapa – Venezuelan Grilled Sweet Corn Cake, with 12 hour slow roasted pork, and Guayanes cheese

*Chef Hernanez was nice and made me a few without the pork, pictured below. So good!! I could have eaten 50 of them!


Chef Linda Harrell ~ Cibo e Beve

Rigatoni with Gorgonzola Sauce

Unfortunatly I didn’t get a picture of her delicious pasta. I’ve scrolled through my pictures about twenty times. Still no photo! Ahhhh! It was very tasty too!

Chef Liz Garner ~ The Garner Girls

Poundcake with Berries and Fresh Whipped Cream


Sarah O’Brien ~ Little Tart Bakeshop

 Fruit Tart 


AND to wash all of this delicious food down, three superstar mixologist were there making some amazing cocktails. 

Kellie Thorn ~ Empire State South

Mercedes  O’Brien ~ Gunshow


Ashley Dowling ~ Octopus Bar


The evening was complete with an auction of  items from locally owned businesses. 


Awesome food, cocktails, and company. Goodtimes!! All proceeds from Lady Locavores went towards Community Farmers Markets Culiniary Education Program.

More Pics!!





Behind the scenes!



Decatur Stirs 2016: Craft Cocktail Experience

This past Saturday, I hopped on the train and headed to Decatur Square. Here, Decatur Stirs was taking place at the Courtyard Marriot in Downtown Decatur With Decatur Square being the home of where you can have some of the best culinary and cocktail experiences it was the perfect location for this event. I had the pleasure of taking a food tour around Decatur Square and was very impressed by the culinary scene. 

A great cocktail starts with a great quality product. Here at Decatur Stirs, distributors, distilaries, and spirit companies from all over came to showcase their best specialty spirits and handcrafted cocktails. With some 50 suppliers in attendance, you were sure to leave with a few favorites written done to pick up from the store in the near future. 

If by chance you left the Marriot still searching for the perfect cocktail, cocktail connoisseurs, were also given a map of Decatur Square. On this map was a list of 15 restaurants and pubs to visit and sample sips of their specialty cocktails. The cocktail descriptions were incredible! Sadly time did not allow me to take this awesome Cocktail Tour. But you know I’ll be back to Decatur with map in hand!! Stay tuned for that post!

The best part of this event was that all proceeds benefited the Decatur Arts Alliance, organizer of the Decatur Arts Festival and public arts programming for Decatur. I’ll drink to that!!

Check out more photos below!

Makan Restuarant provided delicious bites to nosh on.

Vittone Amaro & Fernet
Eagle Rock Distributing Company


Lazy Guy Distillery

I ran into Danielle of Lushworthy! Check her blog out, she’s awesome!


More Pics HERE!!!

Also check out my next stop on this eventful Saturday was. 


Whabbit Wheat Returns! Spring Is Offically In The Air

This afternoon, fans of the local brewery, Red Hare Brewing Company, came out to celebrate the re-release of their spring seasonal beer, Whabbit Wheat. If you haven’t had it, you’re really missing out. It’s a lightly hopped American wheat beer with notes of apricots and peach. It definitely taste like spring in a glass. 

In addition to the Whabbit Wheat, guest were able to taste three Whabbit Wheat specialty cask: Clove Banana, Chocolate Strawberry, and Raspberry Wheat. Tasty!! My favorite of the three, the Chocolate Strawberry Wheat. I need them to go ahead and can that. Like right now. Today.


To help soak up all this tasty beer, El Nopal was there serving up some tasty Mexican cuisine. I had a Diablo Shrimo Taco and a Fish Taco with Chips and Salsa. It paired perfectly with the selection on beers on tap. These tacos had so much flavor! I kinda of want one right now. 


In between the raindrop we enjoyed the sounds of Chris Weinholz, who was sanging out on the patio. He sounded great! He has a new fan for sure.


Just when we thought the fun was over, it was announced that there was a brewery tour starting in a few minutes. Cool! I’m in! The tour was lead by Owen , who told us all about the process of brewing and canning beer. Thanks Owen!

All in all, it was a great Saturday spent. Thank you Red Hare Brewing for a good time AND a six pack of delicious Whabbit Wheat!! See you at the next event!