7 Fall Drinks to Order Instead of a Pumpkin Spice Latte and Where to Get Them|Toledo, Ohio

Fall is here which means so are all of the fall espresso beverages in all of their glory. Admittedly, I am a fan of the pumpkin spice latte, however I do love to explore all flavors of fall as well. Fall is so much more than the flavor of pumpkin spice. If you're in or … Continue reading 7 Fall Drinks to Order Instead of a Pumpkin Spice Latte and Where to Get Them|Toledo, Ohio

Breaking News: National Coffee Day is Actually Indeed Everyday

It's National Coffee Day but we all know that's everyday! I've had an amazing caffeinated year thus far. Check out some of my highlights and continue to follow along on Instagram at @missluvleelocs. https://instagram.com/p/BdbNFRTl1pO/ https://instagram.com/p/BdlcHuNlig1/ https://instagram.com/p/Bd-umRulhaX/ https://instagram.com/p/BfHAkK0FvKU/ https://instagram.com/p/BfjWo7vF7tr/ https://instagram.com/p/BfqktqMFCgh/ https://instagram.com/p/BfvkpZUlhda/ https://instagram.com/p/BfyOFeAFsOE/ https://instagram.com/p/Bf3YpI_FDjX/ https://instagram.com/p/Bf6lRl5lRzA/ https://instagram.com/p/BgWPhdrnVg1/ https://instagram.com/p/BhwMPxoBeZ8/ https://instagram.com/p/BhzFeK0h0M9/ https://instagram.com/p/Bie3BTUhhfK/ https://instagram.com/p/Bk-nXstBZtg/ #NationalCoffeeDay #WillTravelForCoffee

Taste & Explore: Columbus, Ohio

Last week my daughter and I took a quick trip to Columbus, Ohio. My daughter is a Justice Girl with Heart Ambassador and was invited to take a tour at their retail headquarters. What an amazing facility and staff they have there! It was very cool to get a behind the scenes look at the … Continue reading Taste & Explore: Columbus, Ohio

Taste & Explore: A Travel Guide to Cleveland, Ohio

Last week I traveled with my mother and daughter to Cleveland, Ohio. It was our first road trip of many together.  We were pretty excited to explore the great city of Cleveland. I had contacted Destination Cleveland for an itinerary of things to do during our stay. Their list included various attractions and places to … Continue reading Taste & Explore: A Travel Guide to Cleveland, Ohio

Coffee Shop Love: Muchacho | Atlanta, Georgia

As my latte adventures continue, I was in Atlanta to experience the first one of 2018 at a super cute coffee shop. Located in a former railroad depot, Muchacho is bringing on the 70s vibes in the best possible way. It's hard not to want to do a full blown photo shoot while you're there. … Continue reading Coffee Shop Love: Muchacho | Atlanta, Georgia