Breaking News: National Coffee Day is Actually Indeed Everyday

It’s National Coffee Day but we all know that’s everyday! I’ve had an amazing caffeinated year thus far. Check out some of my highlights and continue to follow along on Instagram at @missluvleelocs.



National Coffee Day with a Little Extra Something

I haven’t always been a fan of coffee but I am now. I’m not a ” I have to have a cup of coffee every single day” girl, but I do enjoy a great cup of coffee. My favorite way to have it is a Honey Latte. Yummy! My second favorite to have it is with rum in it. I made this today and it was so on point! 

Vanilla Frosted Coffee

Makes 1 serving

1 cup favorite coffee with sugar

1 scoop vanilla ice cream

1 shot of rum 

5 ice cubes

Throw all of the ingredients in blender and blend! Pour into your favorite glass and enjoy! 
Drink Responsibly!!