Tea Reviews ~ Tees Teas Trees

So it’s National Tea Month and I come across Tees Teas Trees in a Instagram tea search. They are holding a giveaway. So of course I enter. The teas sound quite amazing. Guest what? !?? I won!! Yes! 

When the package comes, I immediately opened it and caught a big whiff of deliciousness! The tea selection I received was Chill Vibes Only, Cocoa Mint Truffles, and Egyptian Chamomile. Also in the package was honey sticks, a vintage tea spoon, and reusable teabags. I was pretty excited about all of this items. 

I decided to try the Chill Vibes Only because I totally feeling the name. I opened the cute little box up and pulled out the tea bag and instead of a tag dangling at end of the string, there was a bead. How cute! I almost didn’t want to use it. But I did. It just smelled too good! And it was good!  Be sure to check them out! 
Tee Teas Trees 

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