It’s National Pancake Day!

Today is National Pancake Day!! Yay!! I absolutely love pancakes! They are one of my favorite foods in all their buttery and fluffy glory! So in honor of National Pancake Day, me and the mini me went to the International House of Pancakes. Here they were not only celebrating National Pancake Day, but a “decade of giving”. Over the past ten years, IHOP restaurants have raised almost $16 million to support charities in the communities in which they operate. Today, guests had the opportunity to donate toward the Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals. Free pancakes for a donation to a great cause. Seems like a great idea to me!

So we get to the Cobb Parkway location in Smyrna, Ga and 45 minute to an hour wait. Why???? Was I surprised? Not really. Was I hungry? Very. Could I have gone home and made my own pancakes? Certainly. Would the Mini Me be disappointed? Very much so. So we sat and waited. And waited. Until at last “Lee, table for 2!” Yes!!

Very quickly we decided what we wanted to accompany our pancakes before the waiter came back. A few minutes later, Yvette, our waiter for this visit came to take our order. She was very nice and pleasant. I later witnessed her deal with a slightly irate guest with much class and professionalism. High five Yvette! She took our order to include turkey bacon, scrambled eggs, and hash browns. Not long after that we were eating. Everything was tasty!

IHOP is offering a free stack of today until 10pm. So hurry!!



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