The BMW Ultimate Driving Experience Comes to Atlanta

This past weekend BMW stopped in the Atlanta area for the BMW Ultimate Driving Experience. Drivers were invited to the Atlanta Motor Speedway to get behind a wheel and experience the innovative and technology of the BMW brand. I was very excited!!


After checking in, I was given the run down on the day. Driving orientation was in 45 minutes, so I was able to take advantage of some the other stations at the event.

First up, the BMW Hill Descent Control demo.

Hill Descent Control (HDC) holds the vehicle steadily at a pre-determined speed, helping with the job of brake control so that the driver can concentrate completely on steering. This makes the potentially difficult task of driving down a steep hill or over rough ground easy.



Check out the video footage here!

Next, the Skid Pad/Traction Control Demo.

Dynamic Traction Control (DTC) allows more wheel slip and thus a more dynamic driving style with higher wheel traction and DSC controlling stability. A small amount of spin on the drive wheels improves traction when pulling off from a standstill in snow or on loose terrain.

In this demonstration, the driver explained the importance of the feature especially on wet or icy road conditions. First we drove without the Traction control activated on a slippery surface. We were then doing donuts! It was fun at the time, but imagine you were on a highway with cars driving toward you. Scary! The the driver activated the Traction Control. We the went on the slippery surface the same as we did before. No donuts! The car sensed the road condition and took over. Nice!!

See video footage here!!

I had a few minutes left so I decided to test drive on of the BMWs. There were 21 to choose from! And if you had the time you were able the drive all of them! I test drove the BMW…..
I felt the power behind the wheel. I was a little intimidating, but I quickly got over it! I want one now.




It was nearing time to go inside for the driving orientation so I headed to the show room. Inside there were several beautiful BMWs on display for your viewing pleasure. Take a look!

















Now for the highlight of day! In orientation drivers were given tips on driving the vehicles safely. After a 15 minute spill we were taking to the track!




We were put in groups depending on the car you chose at registration. My BMW of choice was the X4. We hopped in the car and was driving to the tract. There we were introduced to our copilots for the next 2 hours. Next we were paired with one of the instructors.




The instructor drove us around the tract first to give a rundown on driving around it. There was a method to getting around those corners. The second time the instructor ran the lap at a very high speed. Whoa! I was holding on super tight! Now it was my turn. I was cautious the first time around, but but by the third time I was getting used to it. Then we switched drivers. I drove 4 more laps after that, getting better each time. Then we had a timed two lap completion. Whoever had the quickest time around the laps without knocking over cones won. I came in first amongst the women drivers!! Yay!! I had such an awesome time!
While we were driving the course BMW was so nice to record and make a little commercial with the footage.

Check out the video here!!



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