The Albert “Locals Drinking Locals” Beer Dinner with Monday Night Brewing

Last night I was excited to attend The Albert’s “Local Drinking Locals” Beer Dinner with Monday Night Brewing courtesy of Food Tours Atlanta. Thank you Cristy! This week’s beer dinner series featured a 4 course meal pairing with craft beer from Monday Night Brewing. Monday Night Brewing is a local brewery located here in Atlanta. Being one of my favorite brands of beer, I was very curious as to what The Albert had prepared to compliment this great beer.

1st Course

Thai Salad | iceberg salad, daikon sprouts, Thai chili tossed in ginger-carrot dressing.

Fu ManBrew, Belgian-Style Wit

I really enjoyed the flavors in the ginger-carrot dressing. It married well with the Fu ManBrew, which is also brewed with notes of ginger. It was a very nice start to our dinner.


2nd Course

Mac and Cheese Croquettes served with popcorn purée , radicchio, brown butter and champagne vinaigrette.

Nerd Alert, Pseudo Pilsner

The chef was very accommodating and prepared a non-meat version of the Ham And Cheese Croquettes. I was given Mac and Cheese Croquettes. They were delicious! It paired perfectly with the clean, crisp flavor of the Nerd Alert.


3rd Course

Roasted Chicken served with roasted brussel sprouts, serrano pickled pears.

Serrano Eye Patch Ale

This had to be one the best piece of chicken I’ve had in awhile. The flavors were just amazing! The brussel sprouts were roasted and seasoned to perfection! And to top this perfectly executed course off, there was serrano pickled pears mingling amongst the awesomeness. I need a jar of these pickled pears at my house! It was paired with the very tasty Serrano Eye Patch Ale. With the notes of serrano, this crisp IPA, gave you a punch of flavor that you gladly accepted.

4th Course

Buttermilk Pie Topped with Hickory Smoked Blueberries

Drafty Kilt, Scotch Ale

Yes. Hickory Smoked Blueberries!!! This is what I was dying to tasted as I reviewed the menu before the dinner began. The smoking the blueberries were just genius! The hickory flavor was definitely there. The blueberries were on top of a slice delicious buttermilk pie. To compliment this delectable course was Monday Night Brewing’s Drafty Kilt Scotch Ale. With notes of cherrywood-smoked malt, chocolate malt, and roasted barley is was the perfect beer to enjoy with this course.


This was just a great all around culinary experience. If you’re interested in such awesomeness, join The Albert on September 15, 2015 as they continue their beer dinner series with Red Brick Brewing Co.

For more information about Monday Night Brewing visit Be sure to stop by the brewery for a tour as well!

6 thoughts on “The Albert “Locals Drinking Locals” Beer Dinner with Monday Night Brewing

    1. You are in luck!!! The Albert is located in Atlanta in the heart of Inman Park at the intersection of Austin and Elizabeth. We will continue our “Locals drinking Locals” beer dinner pairing on September 15th with RedBrick Brewing Co. Call 404-872-4990 to reserve your seats!!

  1. Thank you for joining us and we’re so thrilled to know you enjoyed your entire experience! Come back to visit us soon!

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