End of Summer Fresh Corn Salad

Another Sprouts Farmers Market opened in the Atlanta area last week. I made sure to stop by to take advantage of their grand opening deals. One of the items that caught my eye was the corn on the cobb priced at 8 for 88 cents. Great price since they were also huge. I grabbed 8 and a few other items and returned home. I cooked a couple of ears that evening by simple boiling and putting a sprinkle of salt and pepper on it. The corn was so good and super sweet. The best ear of corn I’ve had all summer! I thought this corn would be perfect for a fresh corn salad. I just happened to also pick up the exact items I needed for it at Sprouts earlier that day. I love fresh corn salad, but you have to have fresh ingredients it won’t be as great. My recipe is very simple and easy to prepare. It will make a great addition to those end of summer barbecues.
End of Summer Fresh Corn Salad

4 EARS OF CORN husked, washed, and cut from cobb
3 AVOCADOS diced
1 RED ONION diced
1 CUP CILANTRO chopped
3 LIMES juiced
1 JALAPEÑO chopped
SALT to taste
PEPPER to taste

Combine all above ingredients in a bowl. Refrigerate and let set for an hour or so. Enjoy!

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