Atlanta Taco Festival 2016

Yes, there were a few issues with the 1st Annual Atlanta Taco Festival. Long  lines, a ton of people, system failures, and less than desirable weather conditions (not their fault). But I will say despite it all of that I had a great time. I got the chance to eat a bunch of tacos and actually  had a few drinks without having to stand in line for hours.

 How was this even possible? You may ask. Well I got there early. While everyone was flocking to the food trucks,  I opted to stay under the tents where it was fairly dry. I actually used my tickets up in the first 20 minutes. I left stuffed and satisfied. And I had a great time. Can’t wait till next year!


My favorite taco of the was Superica’s Shrimp Taco. Ate like 6 tacos!
Best side goes to Matador Cantina with their Grilled Street Corn. Yummy!!
Can’t have tacos with a margarita!


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