Decatur Square Nights

Today, was another I really don’t feel like cooking night. Plus I was craving another Grindhouse Killer Burger! My daughter on the hand was like really Mom?? Burgers again?? So she opted for sushi from Noodles. She chose salmon roll and eel roll. The person taking the order was very suprised about her selection. He told her that it was great to see a young person like herself willing to try eel and like it, while most adults won’t even give it a chance. She gave him the how could anyone not like eel look. He laughed.

We took the order to go so we could sit at the picnic tables in the square. But first we walked to Grindhouse Killer Burgers to pick my turkey burger up. 


Found some cute chalk art on the way!

So if you don’t know, we ate at Grindhouse Killer Burgers on Monday. I’m back! I couldn’t help it! Again I order the turkey burger with lettuce, tomato, cheddar, and fried green tomato. Yummy!! 

With bag of awesomeness in hand we headed back to the square to sit and enjoy our dinners.  Mines was tasty as expected. No surprises here! Sage’s sushi was great as well. She only let me have one piece though… Ha! 



Snapchat @shanawashereatl
After eating, we decided that ice cream would be a great ending to this lovely evening. So we headed to Butter & Cream.  This would be our first visit. I’ve been told numerous times that their ice cream was delicious. 

After sampling a few flavors, all of which were tasty, I decided on Bourbon Toffee. Yes! It taste just as awesome as it sounds. Sage chose salted caramel. She gave it two thumbs up!

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