Ramen Fest 2016

The 3rd Annual Ramen Fest, benefiting The Giving Kitchen, took place yesterday afternoon at Monday Night Brewery. The event was once again hosted by Makan with noodles provided by Sun Noodle. It was my first time attending and I was a little excited. The restaurant line-up was quite amazing, so it was definitely going to be a fantastic ramen throw down. As Ramen Lovers entered the brewery they were given a beer glass with chopsticks, voting sticks, and tickets for beer. And so it begins…
The first table I went was Venkman’s. Their table set-up was absolutely beautiful. What were they serving? Hold on to your seats. It’s pretty amazing! Ramen on the Half Shell (Louisiana Oysters, House Fermented Black Beans, XO Broth, Togarashi, Duck Egg Yolk) Soooooo good! And unique! Never saw that one coming!  They most definitely got one of my votes.

Venkman’s ~ Ramen on the Half Shell

Since I’m not a beef or pork eater I was slightly limited to what I was able to try. But what I did was delicious. Little Trouble got my second vote with their Duck Ramen. It was adorned with leeks, pickled mango, fresno, shallots, and mushrooms. So delightful.

Little Trouble ~ Duck Ramen

My third and final vote went to El Super Pan with their Latino take on ramen. The chicken broth was so tasty. I was battling the end of a cold and this was exactly what I needed. I think I had about five cups. It just had a good down home vibe to it.

El Super Pan

I couldn’t taste any others but I was totally satisfied with my options. I will say every restaurant brought their A game. There were some really beautiful ramen dishes being served. I love how creative the chefs got. To top it off, we were able to wash it all down with a cold craft beer from Monday Night Brewery.  Funday Sunday was in full effect!

This year’s Ramen Fest winner went to Eight Sushi Lounge with their Times New Ramen. I heard it was crazy good. By the number of vote sticks jammed into their cup at the end of the night, I’d say they were right. Congratulations Eight Sushi on your win!

16 thoughts on “Ramen Fest 2016

  1. Why don’t I ever hear about events like this in Dallas?! ugh, I need to do better. Then again, I would have zero self control if I habitually frequented food events like this.

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