Get To Know High Museum of Art Highball Competitor, Bryan Holmes {Davio’s Southern Steakhouse}

Photo by Gannon via Twitter @MSquaredPR
Today I headed to Buckhead to meet with Davio’s Northern Italian Steakhouse bartender, Bryan Holmes. This Saturday, Bryan will be competing in Highball, the High Museum of Art’s first ever mixology competition. This Atlanta native, comes to the competition with 21 years of bartending under his belt. He started his road to mixologist, at Ippolittos, when someone didn’t show up for work and was asked to fill in. 21 years later Bryan is representing Davio’s in a most epic competition on February 18th.

During my visit Bryan made me The B & B, a cocktail he made on the fly when PR reps came into the restaurant requesting a cocktail for National Ice Tea Month. It was so good it was added to the menu. You can’t go wrong with whiskey, basil, blueberries, and ice tea!  Delicious!!

Bryan’s Highball cocktail is inspired by Edgar Allen Poe. You don’t want to miss it! Grab a ticket before they’re sold out!


Rapid Fire Q & A

What time did you get up this morning?

5am and then 8:30am. 

What did you have for dinner last night?

Kale & Sausage Soup and a Sushimi   Bowl

1st alcohol that touched your lips.


Describe your job in one word.


Name a historic person you would like to make a drink for.

Edgar Allen Poe

Popcorn or potato chips?

Potato chips

Coffee or Tea?


What’s your mixologist superpower?

Cocktail that represents Atlanta.

Old Fashioned 

If you could bath in any liquid besides water, what would it be?

Coconut Water

Farthest place you’ve traveled.

St. Barts 

Last song stuck in your head.

Stand Up by Ludacris.

Mimosas or Bloody Mary

Bloody Mary

What color is your toothbrush?

Favorite menu item at Davio’s.

Veal Tenderloin 
Best midnight snack.

Anything at Octopus Bar

5 words to describe yourself.

Indulgent, Generous, Athletic, Bashful, Witty 

Advice for aspiring bartenders.

Ask if you don’t know. Put everything back in its place.




What: Highball

Where: Margaretta Taylor Lobby, High Museum of Art

1280 Peachtree Street NE, Atlanta, GA 30309

When: February 18, 2017, 7:30pm-11:00pm


Get To Know High Museum of Art Highball Competitor, Jonathan Turner {Grain Spirits + Food}

Photo provided by Jonathan Turner

On the road to the High Museum of Art‘s 1st mixology event, Highball, we meet Atlanta resident, Jonathan Turner. Before becoming the Beverage Director at Grain Spirits + Food, Jonathan worked as a photographer, a woodworker, as well as dabbling in the real estate industry. Five years ago he added bartender to his skillset.  He has worked at some of Atlanta’s well known establishments such as, 7 lamps, 1 Kept, and Tavernpointe. On February 18th, Jonathan will represent Grain with an amazing craft cocktail sure to be a crowd pleaser. Check out Jonathan’s rapid fire answers then head to the High Museum of Art and purchase ticket to the Highball so you don’t miss out!


Hapeville, Georgia
What time did you get up this morning?


What did you have for dinner last night?

Matag Burger

1st alcohol that touched your lips.

Gordon London Dry Gin

Describe your job in one word.


Describe your job in one cocktail.

Old Fashioned

Name a historic person you would like to make a drink for.

Jerry Thomas

What would you make?

Stuck in a Barrel

Popcorn or potato chips?

Potato Chips

What’s your mixologist superpower?

Ability to see everything.

Cocktail request that makes you roll your eyes.

Nothing really. I give the people what they want, and then something extra.

Bartender or mixologist?


Cocktail that represents Atl

Mosaic Tempo

Mimosas or Bloody Mary?

(Shows tattoo of mimosa on finger)

Cocktail snob or nah?


Favorite menu item at Grain

Cheeseburger Tacos

Best midnight snack.

Does Whiskey count?

Advice for aspiring  bartenders.

Shut up, keep your head down, and listen.


What:  Highball

Where:  Margaretta Taylor Lobby, High Museum of Art

1280 Peachtree Street NE, Atlanta, GA 30309

When:  February 18, 2017, 7:30pm-11:00pm


Ramen Fest 2016

The 3rd Annual Ramen Fest, benefiting The Giving Kitchen, took place yesterday afternoon at Monday Night Brewery. The event was once again hosted by Makan with noodles provided by Sun Noodle. It was my first time attending and I was a little excited. The restaurant line-up was quite amazing, so it was definitely going to be a fantastic ramen throw down. As Ramen Lovers entered the brewery they were given a beer glass with chopsticks, voting sticks, and tickets for beer. And so it begins…
The first table I went was Venkman’s. Their table set-up was absolutely beautiful. What were they serving? Hold on to your seats. It’s pretty amazing! Ramen on the Half Shell (Louisiana Oysters, House Fermented Black Beans, XO Broth, Togarashi, Duck Egg Yolk) Soooooo good! And unique! Never saw that one coming!  They most definitely got one of my votes.

Venkman’s ~ Ramen on the Half Shell

Since I’m not a beef or pork eater I was slightly limited to what I was able to try. But what I did was delicious. Little Trouble got my second vote with their Duck Ramen. It was adorned with leeks, pickled mango, fresno, shallots, and mushrooms. So delightful.

Little Trouble ~ Duck Ramen

My third and final vote went to El Super Pan with their Latino take on ramen. The chicken broth was so tasty. I was battling the end of a cold and this was exactly what I needed. I think I had about five cups. It just had a good down home vibe to it.

El Super Pan

I couldn’t taste any others but I was totally satisfied with my options. I will say every restaurant brought their A game. There were some really beautiful ramen dishes being served. I love how creative the chefs got. To top it off, we were able to wash it all down with a cold craft beer from Monday Night Brewery.  Funday Sunday was in full effect!

This year’s Ramen Fest winner went to Eight Sushi Lounge with their Times New Ramen. I heard it was crazy good. By the number of vote sticks jammed into their cup at the end of the night, I’d say they were right. Congratulations Eight Sushi on your win!


Sunday night, Instagrammers in Atlanta gathered at The Sundial to once again show their love of their city. It was the location of the #WELOVEATL Instameet. I was very excited! Being 73 floors above downtown Atlanta we were sure to see something amazing. This Instameet drew a huge group of people eager to get the perfect shot.














#WELOVEATL Gallery at Ponce City Market

For the month of October, #WELOVEATL will be displaying hundreds of Instagram photos in a fall exhibition. These photos are taken by Instagrammers who have shown their love of Atlanta by hash tagging their captures #weloveatl. All proceeds of print sales benefit the Atlanta Community Food Bank. What a great way to give back! IMG_8310.JPG





I have two photo on display at the #WELOVEATL GALLERY! Go check them out and all the other amazing photo!


Gallery Hours
Wed-Fri, 1-6pm
Saturday 1-5pm.
Exhibition runs through October 30.