Eggtoberfest 2016

A few months ago, I had the opportunity to visit the Big Green Egg Culinary Center for a pasta making class. It was there were I was told about Eggtoberfest and all its awesomeness. I knew I wanted to go, but of course I forgot. Boooo. Insert awesome friend! Yes! The homie Amber came through with some VIP tickets. Oh yeah! 

Eggtoberfest, held this Saturday at Stone Mountain Park, is a day celebrating the Egghead community and their culinary creativity using the Big Green Egg. There was a lot to taste! We hardly knew where to start. I started off with these super tasty wings. The seasoning on them were just perfect. I probably ate about 7 of them. I gave them my vote.

I came across the Big Green Egg Culinary Center crew. They were making peach pies!

Amber found her some delicious ribs! They were huge! 

My favorite Big Green Egg dessert went to this group of young chefs fir their s’mores cookies. Yummy!!!

The entire theme of this group was just awesome! Their Man Cave Brownies were pretty great too!

Soooo much meat!!!

What a delicious time!! I can’t wait till next year! I will be there!!

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